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LCO Founder, Michael Levine on ABC’s Good Morning America

Posted by Levine Communications Office on July 23, 2010

Mel Gibson is no stranger to the news these days, especially due to his recent custody battle and extortion accusations with his baby’s mother, Oksana Grigorieva. LCO Founder and Media Expert, Michael Levine was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America this week doing a commentary on the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva legal battles.

Watch the segment HERE!

Michael was also interviewed by CBS The Early Show and KKLA Radio on Tuesday, July 20th.

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‘KISS’ Front Man Paul Stanley Rocks Art World

Posted by Levine Communications Office on July 23, 2010

“KISS front man Paul Stanley may want to rock and roll and party everyday… but you what you may not know about this rocker is that he is an accomplished artist as well.”

"As soon as I put something up in my house everybody would want to know who did it - that was a revelation to me. If once again I follow something I love doing, it seems to follow suit that somebody else likes it." - Paul Stanley

To continue reading the full article about Paul Stanley’s artwork by CBS, please click HERE!

For more information on the artwork of Paul Stanley, click HERE!

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