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  • August 2010
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Tito Ortiz discusses UFC 121, Health, Business Ventures, and Family

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 19, 2010

Recently, MMAResolutions.com sent their MMA Covergirl, Lindsay Schoneweis, to the RVCA Gym to interview former UFC light heavyweight fighter, Tito Ortiz.

During the interview, Tito and Lindsay discuss the original plans of the UFC 121 fight set to take place on October 23, 2010 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Apparently, Brandon Vera was approached, as well as Matt Hamill, to fight Ortiz in the Light Heavyweight bout. Tito states that the, “UFC actually offered me two guys to fight, Brandon Vera or Matt Hamill. Brandon Vera didn’t want to take the fight and Matt Hamill said ‘No problem’.”

In regards to the neck surgery Tito underwent after dropping out of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, he mentions that he is doing well and that there are no problems. With a ‘no excuses’ attitude, Tito said that he “can’t go into a fight with injuries” for his own health reasons, as well as making sure his opponent has a full-forced fighter to deal with in the ring.

In addition to the upcoming UFC 121 fight, Tito mentions some of his business ventures including opening up a private gym, which he is trying to have open within the next few months, and his nutrition brand, Punishment Nutrition, with the website, www.punishmentnutrition.com set to launch in Fall of 2010.

Tito Ortiz may seem like he is all business but he also goes on to discuss his family life and how thankful he is to have the support of his great fans. When questioned about how he would deal with the situation if any of his three sons decided they wanted to wrestle professionally, Tito already has a plan for 8 year old Jacob and 17 month old twins, Jesse and Journey. “If they get their Masters [Degree] they can fight. I want to make sure they have something to fall back on and that their intelligence is as high as possibly can be, so if something does happen, as myself, with my back and my neck, and they get injured and can’t fight anymore, they have something to fall back on.” (Jacob recently won 4th in state in Arizona for wrestling.)


Be sure to visit Tito’s website at www.TitoOrtiz.com, the Punishment Athletics website at www.Punishment.com, and follow Tito on Twitter @TitoOrtiz as he preps for UFC 121!


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