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Sharing Success

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 30, 2010

Levine Communications Office has had the distinct honor of receiving the ‘Best Arts & Entertainment Campaign of the Year‘ by the Bulldog Awards for Excellence in Media Relations and Publicity, LCO also won the award in 2006. The Bulldog awards, the Oscars of the communications world, are given out yearly for various achievements.  Levine Communications won the award this year for ‘Best Arts & Entertainment Campaign of the Year‘ for our campaign for the world-renown rock band KISS‘ newest CD Sonic Boom and ‘Hottest Show on Earth’ tour‘.

LCO was recently written up in an online article with Entrepreneur.com, regarding the firm’s success and recent acceptance of the Bulldog Award.  Please click here to read the entire article.

LCO loves to share our success with friends and colleagues, as they share their success with us. We thank all of those involved in and around LCO for their support and kind words, please note this letter we received from Thomas V. Girardi of Girardi and Keese Lawyers:

Levine Communications Office prides itself on producing results through passion and focus.

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The Reality of Exorcisms

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 30, 2010

If you ask psychic and spiritual adviser Ron Bard, real-life exorcisms aren’t too far from those depicted in movies like The Exorcist and newly released film, The Last Exorcism.

From: The Last Exorcism

In an August 29th article with The New York Daily News regarding the similarities between a movie exorcism and a real-life exorcism, Ron Bard noted, “The first ‘Exorcist’ movie with Linda Blair is actually not too far from the truth” … “The head-spinning is a little much,” adds Bard. “But I’ve seen a lot of the things that are characteristic of (spirit) possession”. In the article Mr. Bard goes on to tell the story of the first time he accompanied his mother, former psychic, Yolana Bard to do an exorcism at the home of a famous Hollywood socialite:

“As soon as I walked in, all of a sudden she was speaking in tongues – in this case, fluent German – and she was saying, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” recalls Bard.

“Lines started appearing on her hands and she was bleeding. And her body had become jaundiced and twisted, like she had cerebral palsy.”

Bard Continues:  “My first exorcism still scares the crap out of me”. “Spirits could get really violent, and when you’ve got someone who can whup your a–, it’s scary.”

The scene Bard describes sounds as if it could have been torn straight from the pages of Hollywood terror flick, instead it is one of many exorcisms  Ron has attended and assisted in.

Ron Bard is a celebrity psychic and spiritual adviser from New York who is now living in Los Angeles, please visit Ron’s website here. And follow him on Twitter @RonnieBard.

For the rest of the New York Daily News article, From reel to real; ‘The Last Exorcism’ depicts real-life religious ritual, says psychic by Robert Dominguez please click here.

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