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“Glamor is just sex that got civilized”

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 7, 2010

The Maybelline Story: And the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It, takes a look at the roots of the family and how the makeup company came to be in 1915. With the use of petroleum jelly and coal, Mabel William’s created eyeliner and mascara, capturing the fascination of her brother, Tom Lyle Williams. Williams, who became enamored with the beauty of the famous actors and actresses he saw in the silent movies, wondered what made these women so beautiful in comparison to the women he saw every day. Following his passion, Tom became aware that a woman’s beauty is brought out from her eyes, and that is where he began his focus.

An engrossing and captivating tale that spans four generations and reveals the humanity, glamor, and seedy underside of a family intoxicated by the quest for wealth, power, and perfection. This book is classic literary satisfaction, a real page-turner. —Nina Siezmasko, actress, The West Wing

The Maybelline Story is an epic, following the founding of the company through 45 years until its sale in 1967. The book follows the trends and times, sharing both the company’s triumphs and tragedies laced with insight into the trials and tribulations of the family. Starting from the days when makeup only belonged on “stages and whores” to the days when every young woman craved the newest Maybelline products to hit the counter, this story truly is an encyclopedia of the growth and foundation of the makeup industry.

As a publisher, Bettie Youngs saw The Maybelline Story as far more than just a tale of the building of a makeup giant. The book’s subtitle, she feels gives more insight into what the story really is, a sort of memoir of the Spirited Family Dynasty behind the Maybelline company. Youngs notes how unique and exciting the story is-a decedent description of one of the founding families of makeup combined with the formula for one of the nations most well-known brands.

The most flavorful and juicy part of this book lies not in stories of glosses and blush, but rather in the enthralling anecdotes of the family. The story continues to tell of the creation of the brand, and the family, following scandals, and questions about the brand’s founder’s sexuality, a truly taboo subject matter for the time. This among notes of love triangles, steamy secrets, and buried pasts makes The Maybelline Story a must-read.

The Maybelline Story: And the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It is available online and world wide. Please click here for more information and to order the book.

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