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A Truly Rewarding Experience

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 8, 2010

At LCO, we have the most hands-on interns in the biz. Due to our demanding and challenging program our interns go on to be highly successful in their future careers. LCO also likes to share the experiences of our staff and interns with those around us.

Here is a testimony from a past LCO intern:

As a foreign student, I was dreaming of an internship in a successful, American PR company which would give me my chance. The internship I got at LCO went beyond my expectations. Not only did I get a genuine experience of the PR work –from writing pitches to contacting medias, booking interviews, escorting clients to TV studios and attending events– but I also found myself totally immersed in the firm’s daily routine, making me feel like I was truly part of it.

I was particularly impressed by the staff’s concern to make everyone’s stay a rewarding, learning experience, and also by the level of trust and responsibility I could enjoy as an intern. Each week I would attend the “staff meeting” and have the opportunity to express my suggestions and opinions. We would get monthly training to deepen our understanding of the PR world, as well as the opportunity to attend most of the firm’s events. Work was intense and required a deep level of commitment, but every single effort was rewarded.

However, what made my experience truly unique was the opportunity to work close to the founder and CEO Michael Levine. His charisma, experience and constant advice were definitely one of the best accounts of what it takes to succeed.

Levine Communications welcomes all of those who are interested in starting their career with LCO to apply for an internship with us.

To apply to become a Levine Communications Office Intern, please click here.

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Enriching Business and Life With Inspired Representation

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 8, 2010

At LCO-Levine Communications Office, we are dedicated to providing personal service to enrich both your business and your life. Levine Communications provides full service PR, Marketing, and Communication. LCO has stood up as on of America’s premiere PR firms for more than 26 years since its founding in 1983 by Michael Levine.

LCO offers numerous options to help build, enhance, and promote your business. Some of the services LCO offers to our clients include:

Strategic Communications

– Establishing measurable PR objectives
– 3-5 year communications plan development
– Corporate & key message development
– Sales story development
– Mission statement development
– Crisis consultation
– Brand development

Media Relations

– Aligning clients with key media
– Interview coordination and pre-briefing
– News announcements
– Press junkets, launches, press conference management, press releases
– Special report / editorial calendar targeting
– Article & commentary planning
– Profile items
– Media Tour booking & coordination
– Review campaigns – products, films etc
– Media introductions & relationship building

Event production and conference management
– Full service event organization & management
– Event PR – pre, day of & post
– Speech writing & preparation
– Film festival/premiere support & attendance
– Client industry event support & attendance

Red Carpet hosting

– Sponsorship counsel
– Exhibition planning
– Launch/promotional events
– Corporate retreats
– Fundraisers

Materials creation

– Biographies
– Press kits
– Electronic Press Kit (EPKs)
– Video News Release (VNRs)
– Corporate literature
– Promotional material
– Press clippings

Ancillary Services

– Media Training
– Photography – corporate, events, products, etc
– Website design & management
– Advertising support
– Graphics work
– Full corporate branding services
– Newsletter creation & management
– Invitation copy writing and design

Social Media

– Strategic Plan Development
– Social Media Training
– Listening programs
– Blogger Outreach
– Contest and Promotions
– ID development on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr & emerging platforms
– Mobile Marketing
– Web site development and optimization

…And much more!


Why PR and Not Advertising

In one of Aesop’s fables, the wind and the sun had a dispute over who was the stronger of the two.

Seeing a traveler walking down the road, they decided to settle the issue by trying to make the traveler take off his coat. The wind went first, but the harder the wind blew, the more closely the traveler wrapped his coat around him.

Then the sun came out and began to shine. Soon the traveler felt the sun’s warmth and took off his coat. The sun had won.

You can’t force your way into the prospect’s mind. Advertising is perceived as an imposition, an unwelcome intruder who needs to be resisted. The harder the sell, the harder the wind blows, the harder the prospect resists the sales message.

Advertising people talk about impact. Spreads, inserts, foldouts, and full color in print ads. Frenetic action, crazy angles, and jump cuts in television commercials. Turning up the volume in radio spots. But these are exactly the attributes that say to a prospect, don’t pay any attention to me, I’m an advertisement.

The harder an advertisement tries to force its way into the mind, the less likely it will accomplish its objective. Once in a while a prospect drops his or her guard and the wind will win. But not often.

PR is the sun. You can’t force the media to run your message. It’s entirely in their hands. All you can do is smile and make sure your publicity material is as helpful as possible.

Nor does the prospect perceive any force in an editorial message. It’s the opposite. Prospects think that media are trying to be helpful by alerting them to a wonderful new product or service.

For more information on Levine Communications office and the services we can provide you or your company, please click here.

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