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Kelly Matarazzi Shares Her Internship Experience

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 19, 2010

This internship has taught me so much about life in general. It has made me become more confident in myself and has taught me many important life skills such as over communication and over preparing. I learned not only about PR but also about marketing, event planning, financials, and how a company works successfully. Working as a part of the LCO family is a tremendous honor and every moment I was kept busy. Something that is very special and that makes LCO’s internship program different from any other company is that the intern’s actually have responsibility. Michael Levine and the staff at LCO put a lot of trust into interns and give us real projects that if we messed up would negatively affect the company. This really teaches interns that they must carry their own weight. They need to accomplish their own tasks and not hide behind others. The events that I was encouraged to attend such as Michael’s workshops and other events in Hollywood are always very beneficial and great for networking. The internship program at LCO sets one up for success. The internship was one of the hardest and most time consuming things I have done in my life but I benefited immensely from the experience and it really changed who I am as a person. After the internship I feel prepared for ANYTHING that comes my way.

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