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  • September 2010
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LCO & Twitter

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 28, 2010

Please follow our clients and friends on Twitter:

Leon Logothetis: @LeonLogothetis

Trigger: @TriggerLLC

JZKnight: @JZKnight

Erika Jayne: @ErikaJayne

KISS: @KISSofficial

Eldebrock: @Eldebrock

Colette Carr: @ColetteCrazy

Susie Coelho: @SusieCoelho

Aura Imbarus: @AuraImbarus

Neil Strauss: @NeilStrauss

Peter Hankoff: @PeterHankoff

Mark Joseph: @Markmjm

Alex McCord: @McCordAlex

Simon Van Kempen: @Simonvankempen

Leanne Ely: @SavingDinner

Brittany Glynn: @BrittanyGlynn

Ron Bard: @RonnieBard

Nina Sutton: @NinaSutton

JJ Virgin: @JJVirgin

Gloria Huwiler: @GloriaHuwiler

Overstock.com: @Overstock

Tito Ortiz: @TitoOrtiz

And more! And of course don’t forget to follow Levine Communications office: @LCOonline

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