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Fighting for the Dream

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 12, 2010

LCO would like to remind you that Aura Imbarus released her book that we had previously mentioned, “Out Of The Transylvania Night” this past month.  A Little about Aura, she has a very unique story and knows what it means to make her dreams come true. Aura was willing to achieve the “American Dream” at all costs.

Aura grew up in a country that chose to persecute its workers rather than celebrate them. Aura was raised in Transylvania, at a time when no one dared to be themselves, and family members disappeared during the night-as though actual Vampires had taken them. With a communist dictator in control Aura’s homeland was a place of fear and persecution for its citizens.

Despite all, Aura dared “at the cost of her life” to standout, an individualist, an overachiever, a rebel, a scholar, and proud heiress to land and wealth that had been confiscated by the communists, Aura waged small wars every day.

“Everyday has the potential of a lifetime”

Christmas shopping on December 21, 1989, Aura, her parents, and hundreds of shoppers drew sudden sniper fire as Romania descended into the violence of a revolution that challenged one of the most draconian regimes in the Soviet bloc. A grisly execution that rocked the world led to five harrowing days of bloody chaos as Aura and her family struggled to survive.  But, the new regime remained corrupt and controlling.

Though Aura fell in love and carved out a life envied by other Romanians, a fierce sense of independence made her yearn for something more.

What did her success and love mean without freedom?! And, so began Aura’s love/ hate relationship with Los Angeles and herself.

Aura and Michael, her newlywed husband, fled a homeland still in chaos. With only $400, two pieces of luggage, and a powerful dream, they settled in Los Angeles in 1997.

No strangers to sacrifice and willing or hard work, the couple soon bought a home, own BMWs and travel the world—only to find that a life of extravagance strain their marriage more severely than their years of struggle. The stock market crashed, and the couple lost all of their savings. The house fell into foreclosure, and a robbery targeted her precious family heirlooms. Aura’s beloved mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Under the strain, the couple divorce.

But Aura soon realizes that even in the darkest days of her experiences in Transylvania, she had come through it; she had found her way to the light. And so their love story did live on. Their memories of living in a country at war and of the darkest days of their horrendous circumstances would reunite them, this time with a better understanding of themselves—and of the personal freedoms they would, or wouldn’t, give up in exchange for their love.

To learn more about Aura and her book, “Out of The Transylvania Night“, please visit her website here.

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A Quick Congrats

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 12, 2010

LCO would like to congratulate its newest partner, Gia Ghadimian! Congratulations on all your hard work, Gia!


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