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  • December 2010
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News Anchor Bob Brill Visits LCO

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 4, 2010

First and foremost LCO would like to sincerely thank Bob Brill for visiting our office. Our staff members truly appreciate his meaningful advice and his background story that he told us.

Bob Brill began his radio career in 1972 and made his big break with the UPI radio network when he covered a news story about a gunman at a SanDiego fast food restaurant. Since then, Bob has flourished in his radio and broadcast career as he became a National Correspondent for the Network and Bureau Chief.  Bob has also achieved an immense amount of accomplishments such as interviewing presidents, covering Super Bowl games, and major news stories. Currently Bob works for CBS Radio LosAngeles and KNX 1070 News Radio as a news anchor.

As advice for all the young people whom want to achieve their goal of a desired career, Bob gave several not only helpful but important tips:

1. Getting a job should require face-to-face contact. Once you achieve this, you’re halfway there already towards your goal, instead of just asking for a job by phone or email.

2. Always focus, keep it, but stay fresh and innovative. There’s always new things and updates happening.

3. Be aware of opportunities as it happens. Be aware. “Carpe Diem” aka “Seize the Day!”

4. Use your contacts, you never know when you might need them.

5. NEVER use your own money when establishing an investment or business

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