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  • January 2011
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Father Cutie Shares His “Dilemma” With Good Morning America

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 6, 2011

LCO client Father Alberto Cutie recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America discussing his decision to leave the Catholic church as well as defending his position against those who have criticized him and his wife.

Although Father Alberto Cutie has been ridiculed for not only breaking the Catholic celibacy rule, but also for criticizing the Catholic church, he explains in his interview as well as in his book Dilemma: A Priest’s Struggle With Faith and Love, that there’s actually much more to the situation than what tabloids and critics have to say.

He clarifies that celibacy works for some priests, but does not work for most priests most of the time. Father Alberto Cutie explains that, “Not that celibacy is bad, but that insisting that every priest to have celibacy wasn’t always like this.” There was a point in time when Roman Catholic priests were allowed to marry as well as have children until it was changed over time by the clergy.

He admits that he’s no saint, but couldn’t help but love his wife despite the rules of the church. In the Good Morning America interview he says that, “For a long time, I endured a tug-of-war between something that was good-my love of God and another thing that was good-my love for the woman I wanted to honor and cherish in marriage.” In other words, he now believes that he should be able to have both just like everyone else and that both were given by the same God who’s by far the ultimate source of love.

Overall, despite all of the media frenzy, negative publicity, and being ridiculed by the Catholic church, as a result Father Alberto Cutie turned the situation into something positive for him and his family. He found peace with the situation and he looks forward to continuing his relationship with God as well as inspiring others.

If you would like to read more about his interview on Good Morning America, as well as watch it, you may click here.

3 Responses to “Father Cutie Shares His “Dilemma” With Good Morning America”

  1. Berdie sanchez said

    Father Cutie, (nice name) in case you didn’t know God himself NEVER required that a man or woman be celibate in order to serve him. the bible says, ‘Men are the ones who have made eunuchs of men, but not by me’, and ‘I have never asked you to give up your wife for me’. the only reason the Vatican has demanded celibacy is for control purposes. But it has never been God’s will, EVER! He does not appose celibacy IF that is what a man or woman wants. But it is always our choice. There is no reason why you can’t serve God in any capacity while having a ‘NORMAL’ life as a man or4 woman. The Vatican placed this restriction so that they could control the Priests and the Nuns. I find that an abomination to God.

    Berdie Sanchez Thank you for speaking up. I am behind you all the way. Be happy! Be a husband and a father, God approves of it. In demanding that men as priests give up their male nature, they condemed these men to do what they do. It is an obomination, but not less than expecting men and women to be less than what God intended for them. I applaud you. God Bless you and hopefully you will have started the way back to God for many.

    Berdie Sanchez

    • ann lopez said

      fr. cutie made a decision to be a priest many years ago, but should not be crucified for leaving. It was his personal deceions between his church and God. But he should not attack the Catholic church because he cannot have his cake and eat it too. Many have survived living a life of celibacy and this not only refers to priest. Many choose to be celibate. Because the strength of their faith in the role of priest first many have a happy and wonderful life as with family and friends. And most of all the parish community. It would of been better for Fr. Cutie to just say nothing to the media and live his life as a angelican religious. lets just say father cutie failed as a RC priest and couldn’t do it as a celebate. Its ok to say that and life goes on. Don’t try to justify a lack of self control. We all have to practice self control in the name of dicipline and many been able to conquer the desires of the flesh since the dawn of time.

  2. Berdie sanchez said

    Father Cutie, be all the man, husband and father you can be, and be assured that God approves. You need not be a eunuch to serve God. Speak out, be heard and know that many of us are behind you. You, as a priest was never meant to deny yourself as a man. that is against God’s will. I have said this for over 15 years but no one was listening. You heard it too! God bless you, and know that as a man, husband and father, you are serving God better than anything else you could have done. regardless of what the Vatican thinks! They aren’t God. They just think they are.
    B. Sanchez

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