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  • January 2011
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Tech Talk: Will the Verizon iPhone Debut Tomorrow?

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 10, 2011

The tech rumor that simply will not die got even more life this weekend when the blogs were buzzing about a possible announcement unveiling the new Verizon iPhone.  This past weekend The Wall Street Journal’s tech blog All Things Digital said that their “inside sources” haven’t given them too many details, but the partnership between Verizon and iPhone is pretty much a done deal and will be announced on Tuesday in NYC.  There are also rumblings that Apple head honcho Steve Jobs will also be on hand for the announcement.

Usually most Apple news comes directly from the horse’s mouth (Jobs) out of Cupertino, but since there probably aren’t any major hardware modifications for the Verizon iPhone,  tomorrow will just be a partnership announcement.

But we’ve been down this road before so well see.  With the start of every new year, this rumor gains more speed but there are a few noticeable details that give this rumor more credibility:

  1. The “alleged” announcement is being made AFTER CES , The International Consumer Electronic Show that just concluded this weekend.  Perhaps that was done in a move NOT to overshadow Verizon/HTC partnership for its new wonderphone the “Thunderbolt”
  2. The very popular tech blog Gizmodo has been left out of the party.  To our knowledge there is no “known” beef between Verizon and Gizmodo, but Apple and Gizmodo is a “whole-nother-story”.  Apple banned the blog from all of their press events after they purchased a “lost” (Apple says stolen)  iPhone 4G prototype months before its unveiling and dissected it on their blog for the whole world to see last year.
  3. Verizon employees have been notified that they aren’t allowed to take any time off for the month of February (in preparation for all that new business running in from AT&T perhaps?)

We’ve been down this road before but tomorrow hopefully there will finally be some truth to the rumors.

iSmashPhone will be live blogging from the event so check out their site and check back here for updates.

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