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Ali Brown is Featured in an Exclusive Interview With Moira Forbes For Forbes

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 13, 2011

Watch LCO client Ali Brown, founder and CEO of Ali International, be interviewed by Forbes Women publisher Moira Forbes for Forbes!

Click here to watch



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Father Cutie Talks About His New Book “Dilemma” On Fox’s Good Day

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 13, 2011

LCO Client Father Alberto Cutie speaks about his new book Dilemma on Good Day.

He discusses the book as being, “not an attack on the catholic church,” and instead talks about his side of the story as well as the human and sexual struggles priests face due to the celibacy rule. Click here to watch his interview on Fox’s “Good Day”.


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IT’S 2011! WOMEN, WAKE UP! Part 2

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 13, 2011

Alana Stewart is a best-selling author and President of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation.

IT’S 2011! WOMEN, WAKE UP! Part 2 by Alana Stewart

Which brings me back to my bed where I lay here thinking about the past year and the coming year and wondering what’s in store us? For the world? My thoughts kind of tumble out in this stream of consciousness kind of jumble with no real rhyme or reason. I thought about what’s happened to women these past few years and I can’t say I’m always proud of the sisterhood. First of all, what’s up with this suing a guy every time he makes a suggestive remark or sends a woman a nude picture? What happened to a good old-fashioned slap in the face? Or an angry “How dare you and don’t ever come near me again”? Are we all such big cry babies now, even while claiming to be feminists, that we have to lawyer up every time a man comes on to us. What happened to “Just say no!” Or is just old-fashioned greed coupled with a desire for that “fifteen minutes of fame”? These girls that had affairs with Tiger Woods were all fine with shtupping (is that how you spell it? You can tell I’m not Jewish) a married man until he got caught and practically the next day one or more of them appear on television with Gloria Allred. A woman who gives all women and attorneys a bad name, in my opinion. Brett Favre sends a woman nude pictures of himself, which, by the way, was a really dumb thing to do, but if she suffered so much emotional distress from it, why did she wait so long to go to an attorney? Did her “pain and suffering” just keep growing?

I’m probably going to catch hell from a bunch of liberal women out there but guess what? I don’t care! It’s time a woman stands up and says how ridiculous all this is. If a man sent me a nude photo of himself, I would be totally shocked, first of all, unless I was having an affair with him, and even then I might find it inappropriate, but I have the choice of looking at said photo or immediately erasing it and giving him a good piece of my mind. Unless, of course, it’s some stalker who could pose a threat, and then obviously you go to the police immediately. But getting a lawyer and suing over your “emotional distress”? Come on, Gloria, give us a break. It just gives you an opportunity to call a press conference and get some more television time, all dolled up in your red jacket with the ubiquitous flower pin on the lapel.

And while we’re on that subject, I hope you’re pleased with yourself, which I’m sure you are, by dragging out that ungrateful Nicky Diaz and bringing down a perfectly decent woman and gubernatorial candidate, who probably could have done a lot more for California than Jerry Brown and his democratic congress will. If we don’t recognize our state (or if it even exists) in five years, we have you to thank!

And as for Nicky Diaz, she should have been deported already, for forging government papers and lying about her legality. She’s actually the one who has broken the law but so far, we don’t seem to see any repercussions for that. Who’s paying her bills? Wouldn’t we like to know the answer to that question? Or are we no longer a nation of law? Are laws just made to be broken? If I run a red light, I most likely get a ticket. And I have to pay for it or go to traffic school as a punishment. Where is her punishment? Why do I have to follow laws if she doesn’t? Why do any of us? If someone needs money to feed their children, is it okay for them to steal it from someone else? I don’t think so!

Nicky Diaz lied to the employment agency and her employer and showed them false documents to back up her lies. Is she the criminal or Meg Whitman who hired her with the understanding, based on her documentation, that she was here legally? What are people thinking? It’s like there’s something in the water here in California. Don’t get me started!

Back to this thing with women. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. If a female reporter in a sexy outfit prances around a dressing room filled with jocks, she just might be the subject of an off-color remark. Men will be men! But do we need to sue them for it. I remember when I was modeling back in the 70’s in New York, all the models used to wear the shortest mini skirts imaginable while going on our rounds of daily interviews. What do you think happened when we passed by a construction site? Yep! Plenty of cat-calls and whistling! We could have gotten an attorney or simply lowered our hems. Hmmm, what to do? So come on, ladies, we do have some choices in certain cases.

Now, let’s be really clear, so I don’t get lots of hate mail. I don’t believe in a woman accepting abuse of any kind or male attention that steps over the line. Or any kind of coercion to have sex with a man if you’ve said “no”. I believe you should go to the police immediately if you legitimately feel threatened by any situation. That’s a completely different thing from a frivolous law suit. We’ve become a litigious country and it needs to stop. A kid is told they can’t wear some kind of offensive t-shirt to school and the next day the parents sue over the kid’s free speech. In my day, we got detention at school and hell at home for breaking school rules. What is happening to our country?

I want to share one more thought. Sarah Palin. I sort of like her. I think she’s a feisty, kick-ass, self-made woman who doesn’t care what anyone thinks because she’s going to do it “her way”. I would think feminists would admire her accomplishments, but that’s not the case. I resent it when people call her dumb. How would a “dumb” woman become the governor of Alaska by standing up to the corruption in her own party and winning? She also stood up to the powerful oil companies and won and eventually was able to give the people of Alaska money made by their own energy production. Is that a dumb woman? How many of these liberal female entertainers or members of the Hollywood elite, who dare to call her dumb, could accomplish anything close to that? And her approval rating at that time, before she ran for vice-president and was decimated by the press, who were mostly in the tank for Obama, was 85%. Not bad for a “dumb” woman. I’m not saying I want her for my president. In fact, I pray she doesn’t run in 2012. If she does, I think she’ll divide the Republican party too much and I don’t think a lot of independents will vote for her, and we’ll end up with the same inept, inexperienced president we’ve suffered with through the past two years. By the way, when you mention that Sarah Palin has had a lot more experience governing than Mr. Obama, liberals go ballistic. However, it’s the truth. He’s never governed anything and God knows, it shows! I only hope Sarah Palin is smart enough to know that if she splits off and starts a third-party, Republicans and conservatives are in trouble. She seems to put love of her country above all else, so hopefully she will clearly get that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

So, enough of my ramblings. I’m actually going to get out of my bed and make some gluten-free pancakes and start this year off right. I wish all of you a healthy, happy, and most abundant 2011. And if we all try to remember to put God first, be grateful for what we have, be kinder and more loving, and help others whenever possible, it’s almost certain to be good year.

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