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Check Out Lavaille Lavette’s New Book, “86,400: Manage Your Purpose to Make Every Second of Each Day Count”

Posted by Levine Communications Office on February 19, 2011

Check out LCO client Lavaille Lavette’s new book 86,400 Manage Your Purpose to Make Every Second of  Each Day Count. Coming out on March 25th.

Christian educational expert and author Lavaille Lavette reveals the secret to achieving as much as Martin Luther, Michelangelo, and Mother Teresa—forget time management and focus on purpose management! “Our seconds are as valuable as theirs, and we have the same ability to make the difference and be the difference,” she asserts.

Lavette lays bare her life-altering shift from time management—a topic she previously was so invested in she taught workshops on it—to purpose management—a practice she says produced a revolution in her life and the lives of those she chronicles in her new book. Teaching that while time is limited our purpose is not, Lavette offers concrete ways to unlock the power of the day’s 86,400 seconds, releasing new potential to create lasting success and life balance.

Often times, people get caught up with things like work, school, family and routine—then they end up trying to “get by” rather than “get going.” Lavette reminds us that this is not how God intended for life to be. She reminds readers that all 86,400 seconds in each day are a gift from Him to us and she shows them that the lives we fill with routine and complacency are meant for so much more.

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