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  • March 2011
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Publicist Story on Huffpost

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 25, 2011

LCO founder Michael Levine has dealt with different clients over the his career as a publicists. His most challenging experience with ‘Devil’ client Satan was brought to the table. In the article Satan Hires Publicist to Improve His Image on the Huffpost Comedy today, Mark Miller brought up some interesting aspects of this client publicists relationship.

Asked why Satan is so interested in being perceived in such a positive light, Levine speculates,”I think he’s getting older, maturing, and feeling that maybe his life can have more substantial meaning beyond simply being the source of all evil.” But a Catholic Church official responds, “Hogwash! Satan’s up to something; I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!”

To read the full article, please visit here.

About Michael Levine

With more than 25 years experience and having worked with some of modern society’s biggest names and companies, Michael Levine is the founder of LCO.

As the author of 19 books, including Guerrilla PR – considered the most widely used introduction to Public Relations in the world – Levine is an industry expert who is frequently called upon by national media to provide PR insight into topical news and events.

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About LCO

LCO – Levine Communications Office – was founded over 26 years ago in June of 1983. The founding mantra of the company, Passion, Focus, Results, has seen it grow into one of the leading entertainment Public Relations firms in the world.

Throughout its 26 year history, LCO has represented Hollywood’s biggest and most powerful names and brands including Dave Chappelle, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Nike, Playboy, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Suzanne Sommers, Paul Stanley, The Laugh Factory, Prince, David Bowie, Peter Guber, Pizza Hut, George Michael, Cameron Diaz, and hundreds more.

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