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The Swiss Cheese Theory of Charlie Sheen

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 27, 2011

LCO Client Judy Belmont and Lora Shor, who are the author of the upcoming book The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life: How to Get Through Life’s Holes Without Getting Stuck in Them, applied their theory on Charlie Sheen explaining his extreme behaviors on VIVA NOW.

Today Charlie Sheen swallows up both tabloid and legitimate newspaper headlines alike, not for his long career, family life, or current hit show, but rather for his hotel room benders, police disturbances, trips to court, and recurring project cancellations due to his addiction problems.  And so we ask: What in the world is wrong with Charlie Sheen?

Some of these are strikingly evidenced in
Charlie’s behavior:

1. Lack of impulse control
2. No sense of responsibility for one’s own behavior
3. Immature way of thinking
4. Low frustration tolerance
5. High degree of narcissism
6. No remorse for wrong doing
7. Shallowness of emotion
8. Tendency to blame others for making you act a certain way
9.  A lack of personal responsibility
10.Inability to learn from past mistakes

To read the full article, please visit VIVA NOW.

About Viva Now

Viva Now is a new upscale bi-Lingual magazine launched by the publication for Hispanics “Living the American Dream.” VIVA NOW is published bi-monthly. Editorial content will include regular features on lifestyle and family, home ownership, health and wellness, education, business and career development, beauty and fashion, sports, travel and entertainment. VIVA NOW will be available on line and in print with an initial 100,000 print impressions and 1.000,000 on line impressions annually distributed at over 500 select locations.

About The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life

This self-help book with a sense of humor will be sure to delight and enlighten. It is whimsical in its style but deals with serious and universal human topics. We distill important concepts from many sources and compile for the reader easily digestible chunks of information! For more information, please visit here.



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