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Jack Gill In The Hollywood Reporter

Posted by Levine Communications Office on June 10, 2011

LCO client Jack Gill has recently been interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Gill has been leading the effort to obtain Academy recognition for the past two decades. Not surprisingly, the campaign is understood to have widespread support among stunt coordinators. In addition, some years ago, Gill obtained petition signatures from a range of Hollywood luminaries.

Stunt coordinators are the professionals who design the complex stunts seen in movies and TV shows – car chases, fight scenes, fiery explosions, underwater work, high dives and more. The stunts are then executed by stunt performers (stuntmen and -women), or occasionally by principal performers, if they’re particularly macho and the coordinator and production insurance company approve.

Gill argues that coordinators’ work is both artistic, in that it expresses a character’s personality, and technical, in that it involves intricate design and placement of performers, vehicles, objects and, often, cameras.

To learn more about Jack Gill, visit here.


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