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Michael Levine on Good Morning America

Posted by Levine Communications Office on July 14, 2011

Public backlash may keep Casey Anthony from cashing in on her fame

TAMPA – Now that Casey Anthony is on the brink of starting her new life, many wonder if she will profit from her celebrity. The news and entertainment world knows that scandal sells, and that could open up a world of opportunity for Anthony when she is released.

“She can pose in Playboy. She can write a book. She can become a reality star. She could make millions of dollars,” said Hollywood publicist Michael Levine.

But local public relations expert Glenn Selig of Tampa disagrees.  “I think she’s too toxic. I don’t think book publishers, production companies, or anybody is going to touch her right now,” said Selig.

Selig has experience representing unpopular clients, including recently convicted former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Casey Anthony’s own attorney Jose Baez.

Selig believes the public’s stubborn belief that Anthony murdered her child — notwithstanding the jury verdict — puts her beyond the pale.

“I think if she were to accept any money whatsoever, it could really backfire. If she had any hope of redeeming herself, forget it,” said Selig.

Facebook has over a dozen pages calling for boycotts against any company or news outlet that strikes a financial deal with Casey Anthony. TMZ reports that a porn site offered, then retracted an offer for Anthony to make a film.

Even Jerry Springer said he would never pay for Casey Anthony’s story.  “Never” said Springer.

Notorious people usually manage to find some admirers, as as did another notorious defendant, O.J. Simpson. But Glenn Selig believes there’s an important difference.

“In the O.J. Simpson case, there was some segment of the population that believed he didn’t do it.”

Selig believes jury members who try to profit from their experience with the Casey Anthony case could also face a public backlash.




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