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Style Goes Strong features Nancy Deville!

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 8, 2011

Lose Weight Without Dieting: How to (Finally) Lose All the Weight Forever

Our exclusive one-on-one talk with best selling author Nancy Deville

August 8, 2011

Source: Getty Images

Want to lose weight without dieting? Nancy Deville knows how.

So there you are on another salad night. You skip the Thousand Island dressing and don’t pass the croutons. In fact, you’re eating so little that it’s a wonder why you don’t wake up a few weeks from now only to discover you inner size six goddess.

But despite your best efforts to eat right and work out, your jeans are still cutting off circulation to your legs.

One question swirls in your mind: Why can’t i lose the weight for good? 

Best selling author Nancy Deville knows why. The author of the book “Healthy, Sexy, Happy: A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You” insists that you stop torturing yourself and pick up your fork in a real way by eating a steak like Meryl Streep did in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Yes, Virginia, you can even put some butter on your veggies.

She insists that her plan won’t only help you shed the pounds for good, but will also turn back the clock when it comes to aging, while curing problems including insomnia.

“The title of my book says it all,” says our new BFF Nancy. “You can’t be sexy unless you’re healthy. You can’t be happy unless you’re healthy. My bottom line is optimal health and an eating program that builds you up more in midlife than breaks you down.”

“I’m 60 and feel better than I did at 25,” she says. “I don’t need to lose any weight and I have non-stop energy and sleep so well at night.”

You can also lose weight without dieting. Please stop jumping for joy. You have some reading to do.


“Dieting is the first thing that most of us do wrong. What we don’t understand is that our metabolism is broken down into two functions: Breaking down and building you back up again.

“People don’t supply their bodies for the ongoing building process, which never stops no matter how young or old you are,” she says. “As for the building up, think of it like this…if you ever did a construction job, you would be infuriated if the builder didn’t show up with supplies. It’s the same thing with your body. Why are you depriving it of supplies?”


First, you need to stop dieting. “When you achieve optimal health, your body will shrink down to its optimal body composition. So, your goal should never be losing weight, but health.”

How do you strive for optimal health from your fork?

*Get rid of any factory-produced foods made from chemicals. In other words, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it.

“These foods are not building material,” she says.

*Don’t restrict food volume.

“I do think people should restrict carbs to some degree, but don’t restrict the volume of food. Remember, eat for building.”

*Eat breakfast, but wisely.

“I eat eggs for breakfast because they’re a perfect food and then add a whole grain like grits or oatmeal,” Nancy says. “I try to stay away from bread because I’ll eat too much of it. Instead, I’ll have some fruit or a green veggie juice made in my blender. I encourage people to drink veggie juice that’s homemade with the pulp. I drink a glass every morning to start my day. It’s a great builder in our toxic environment.”

*Eat a sensible lunch and dinner. “For lunch, I usually do a chicken salad with some fruit or nuts. I’ll do tuna fish and a salad,” Nancy says.

As for dinner, she says to “eat a real final meal of the day and not just salad.”

“I’m big on eating meat, chicken or fish. I eat my meat with the fat on it, which is good for your brain. Historically, humans have eaten meat, which is fine if you have normal cholesterol levels. I’ll eat a baked potato with butter plus some veggies with butter on them for dinner. I’m not fat and have no cholesterol problems.

“Yes, I eat real butter,” she repeats.

*Wait, back up on that cholesterol stuff again.

“Cholesterol has little to do with what you think and more to do with inflammation,” Nancy says. “What makes you inflamed inside isn’t fat, but sugar and carbs.” She cautions, “I’d rather see you give up that glass of orange juice, which is like eating six oranges. That’s a lot of carbs.”

“People bring much too much sugar into their systems, which breaks you down,” she says. “Americans eat two tons of sugar in a lifetime, which is horrifying. That’s the size of an elephant or two.”

*Why will this diet serve as a skin care regime?

“If you want beautiful skin, you have to eat fat. I eat butter, coconut oil, olive oils and red meat. I also use black currant seed oil. Those are healthy fats,” she says. “Those green veggie drinks will also make your skin glow. You’re reversing the oxidation effects on your skin from the inside while internally helping to beat UV radiation.

“We see all of these actresses get so wrinkled in the middle of their lives. I believe that’s because they don’t eat enough protein and fat. The whole vegan diet is damaging. It breaks you down more than it builds you up.”

“Dieting, with its lack of nutrients, is also a great way to break yourself down,” she insists.

*Any last tips?

“Don’t drink too much alcohol or too much coffee. If you want to get your sex drive back eat healthy fats,” Nancy says.

“Also don’t drink diet sodas with Aspartame. It can even create neurological problems, ” she says. “Also, it metabolizes into formaldehyde, which degrades your cellular structure and makes you look older and flabbier with more cellulite.

“Diet soda is very addictive. They should open a clinic to break the habit,” she says. “Use Truvia as a sweetener.”

*In the end….

“This isn’t a quick fix, but a permanent fix,” she says. “Just think this way: Every single time you put something in your mouth is it breaking you down or building you up?”

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