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Style Goes Strong features Nancy Deville AGAIN

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 16, 2011

Diet Breakers: How Are You Wrecking Your Weight Loss Chances?

Even Elizabeth Hurley has to make hard diet choices.

I love actress Elizabeth Hurley because she is nothing if not honest. Yesterday on a set, she reported that her diet was in grave trouble.

“This is danger hour at the Craft Service table,” Hurley fretted in the late afternoon. “Chocolate covered almonds suddenly seem like a good source of calcium.”

It’s so easy to kid yourself in the name of weight loss. A salad with fried chicken is not a diet meal no matter how you convince yourself that somewhere under that crispy coating is actual protein. Sugar free chocolate chip cookies are not weight loss inducing when you can only eat one ….for about 1,000,000 calories.

Over the years, I’ve interviewed and ghost written scads of book for Hollywood weight loss experts who can help you lose 100 pounds or those last stubborn 10. If you think you’re dieting, but not losing any weight just ask yourself one loaded question:

What are your diet saboteurs?

*Saboteur: You could eat Rockerfeller Center – the building itself – because you barely ate all day and now you’re going out to dinner. Small children, beware.

Fix:You should have little snack before going to a party or out to eat. Savvy supermodels like Cindy Crawford have told me that they like to eat a little salad before going out to dinner. It’s a great way not to be ravenously hungry and then go crazy with a fork. If you have a small salad with a vinegar based dressing, it will help curb your appetite.

*Saboteur: You turn a salad into dessert

Fix:Fried chicken, candied walnuts, 100 calorie a teaspoon Thousand Island salad dressing? Hollywood diet experts caution stars to avoid salads that are actually 1,000 splurges. No, fried wantons are NOT your friend. Make sure your salad is a veggie one…and not filled with candied carbs.

*Saboteur: You’re drinking your calories at coffee shops and during cocktail hour.

Fix:No matter how low cal you try to go with alcoholic drinks they still are empty calories with fruity, tropical drinks sometimes in the 500 calorie range, which is a meal. Yes, you can indulge, but drink a glass of water between drinks. You will drink less…At the coffee shop, skip all those high calorie blended drinks that can have upwards of 500 calories.  Celebrity weight loss guru JJ Virgin of “Freaky Eaters” told me this tip that works: Just get a regular coffee with a splash of real cream and some Truvia. Delish and under 100 calories. She also says to replace soda with sparkling water and a little Emergen-C. Tasty!

*Saboteur: Too many treats, not enough waistline.

Fix: Some of the best diet advice I ever received is when you go out you have a choice between these three things: the bread, a glass of wine or dessert. You can only have one of the above. Indulge according to your whim.  Each are high calorie, high carb treats to eat alone and not in combination if you’re trying to stick with a diet plan.

*Saboteur: You’re convinced that a banana bran muffin is a diet choice.

Fix:It’s nice to live on Diet Fantasy Island, but the horrifying truth is some of these muffins have upwards of 500 calories even if they’re packed with bran and good-for-you-fruits. It’s far better to have some sprouted wheat bread toast (very tasty and stays moist in the bag for days) with some sugar free jam or a little peanut butter. Think of it this way: Muffins are cake in just another form.

*Saboteur: You avoid fat at all costs.

Fix: Nancy Deville, author of the book “Healthy, Sexy, Happy: A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You,” says, “Our bodies and brains need fat in order to thrive. What we don’t need is sugar.” To that end, eat or cook in healthy fats including extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. A little fat in your diet is also great for your skin.

*Saboteur: Snacking late into the night because you have insomnia.

Fix: Nancy adds,I’ve had own battles with insomnia and correcting insomnia is about cooling down the body. I recommend eating real foods including meat. It’s a dietary force with vitamin B12, which is what the body uses to make melatonin. Quite often, people who take meat out of their diets suffer from insomnia while those who eat it sleep better and don’t stay up and snack all night.


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