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Michael McIntyre on Marketing Tips For Occupy Wall Street

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 31, 2011

Mike McIntyre, author of the Authentic Salesman gives the protesters tips on selling their message.

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No-Sugar Ghostly Cupcakes from Winner of ‘Next Great Baker’

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011

MyFoxHouston – Chef Dana Herbert, winner of the “Next Great Baker” cooking competition TV program, shows food radio talk show host Cleverley Stone how to make No-Sugar Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing. He has some cute decorating ideas for Halloween using fondant and stencils. Watch how he does it and remember these ideas could be revised for other holidays too. And his no-sugar cake and icing recipes are very tasty.

On the Web:

Recipe from Chef Dana Herbert — http://www.houstontexasfood.com/?p=3171


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This ‘Sugar Daddy’ Dating Guru Wants To Put The Financial Part Of Dating Out In The Open

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011

According to Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of SeekingArrangement.com, all relationships, regardless of whether they start on the internet or in a bar, are monetary exchanges in some respect.

His website, a matchmaking service for “Sugar Daddies,” just makes those exchanges a little more transparent.

“SeekingArrangement is like a sociology project that touches on anthropology,” said Wade, who started the site in 2006. “People don’t want to come out and say ‘Women like men with money,’ but it’s true. Think back to when men were hunters. The man who was the most successful hunter also got the most women. Women are looking for men to take care of them.”

After spending hours writing emails to women on other dating sights and receiving no response, Wade decided to create his own site that he could tout some of his own best qualities: caring, generous, and rich.

Unlike most dating websites, where men outnumber women, the Sugar Babies on SeekingArrangement outnumber Sugar Daddies 10 to 1. The average age of a Sugar Baby is 25 and the average age of a Sugar Daddy is 36. There are also a handful of Sugar Mommies and Male Babies on the site, which just hit a million members.

Instead of just filling in their favorite foods and past times, members are required to provide their net worth, physical description, and what type of allowance they are willing to provide to a Sugar Baby.

Women fill in the same information, but say what sort of compensation they expect.

“I know with the feminist movement, women might go crazy hearing this, but women like to be treated well and not go dutch on a bill,” Wade said. “Here we are just being honest up front. The more honest you are on your profile, the more success you will have.”

In terms of dating advice, Wade said that to truly be successful in your search for love it’s best to be on several dating sites at once.

And in terms of relationships, it’s best to be honest about how the relationship can be “mutually beneficial.” He’s even written a book about it.

As for the future of SeekingArrangement.com, Wade hopes it becomes more of a social networking site for people to meet.

The site has also expanded beyond the internet and started hosting mixers where prospective Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies can meet in person.

“On the site you can share your dating and life goals,” Wade said. “If you don’t find love, you find other things like a person to invest in your business. People have come to the site to improve their lives.”


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CAKE BOSS: Dana Herbert

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011

Bake Like A Cake

Interview With Cake Boss‘ Dana Herbert

Isn’t it amazing how professional bakers can make the most awe-inspiring works of art with butter, sugar and some coloring? Though few of us will be master cake decorators, we can still have fun in the kitchen when the occasions for beautiful, creative cakes arise. Whether you need cake baking inspiration or you can’t get enough in the way of cooking reality shows, here’s our exclusive interview with Chef Dana Herbert, winner of TLC’s Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker.

Chef Dana Herbert is the “King of Cakes”

Chef Dana Herbert, owner of Desserts by Dana in New Castle, Delaware, lives and breathes pastry art and custom cakes for all occasions. He is known as Delaware’s King of Cakes but has also earned the endearing moniker The Sugar Daddy because his unbelievable cake decorating work with pulled and blown sugar. This baking pro has gotten a lot of attention for his big win on TLC’s Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker, which premiered in December 2010. After proving his special jaw dropping talent for baking great tasting artistic cakes, Chef Herbert took home the gold (and a new car!). He has also been featured on Wetv for Wedding Cake Wars, TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off and a variety of television magazine programs. The cake decorating expert’s work speaks for itself, but we had a few more questions for Chef Herbert to find out where he gets his seemingly ceaseless inspiration for designs and how we home bakers can improve our special occasion cakes.

Q&A with Cake Boss winner Chef Dana Herbert

SheKnows: Have you always been a master baker or were you inspired in the midst of another career?

Chef Dana Herbert: I actually started on the savory side of the business. I have been in restaurants since I was 16 years old. My first job was at McDonalds, so I went from flipping burgers to working at a nursing home as a dietary aide in the kitchen. As time went along, I fell in love with cooking. I worked my way up through the ranks and levels of dining. I worked at places such as the Marriott, Hotel DuPont, Four Seasons, etc. It was apparent I loved food and food loved me. I told myself I would go to culinary school after I finished my bachelor’s in Hotel Restaurant Management — and so I did.

SheKnows: What sparked your passion for baking?

Chef Dana Herbert: I guess you could always say the seed was planted when I was young. I used to sit at my grandmother’s counter praying a sugar cookie scrap would come my way, or maybe she would ask me to taste her apple jelly she made from scratch. Man that was good. I am having a craving for some right now on some hot buttered toast. Grandma could really burn. Baking and cooking, she did it all. Even with all that, I didn’t come back to baking until I went to culinary school.

SheKnows: What was the turning point for you in culinary school?

Chef Dana Herbert: My last year of my bachelor’s in Culinary Arts, I recall cutting some onions and crying over them. Macho tears that is! Nevertheless, I was watching the pastry students make crazy works of art, and I was chopping onions. At that point the mind starts to churn, and I really was intrigued by what they were doing, so I decided to do a pastry degree once I completed the B.S. in Culinary Arts. Once I got into the major, I was hooked. I created all kinds of tasty and beautiful things out of butter, flour and sugar. How could you go wrong with that? Once I got out of school, my thirst was and still is unquenchable. I’m always looking to learn more and challenge myself constantly to be better in the field.

SheKnows: How do you keep things fresh and stay passionate for your work?

Chef Dana Herbert: Passion comes from doing what you love. If you love it, you are truly devoted to it, just like being married to my wife. To keep things fresh, I am always picking up a magazine, checking out a cooking show, looking at other websites and testing things in the kitchen. Sometimes your mistakes are your best triumphs.

SheKnows: Your cakes are super creative! What are your decorating tips/tricks for home bakers to create show-stopping cakes?

Thank you so much for the kudos on my super creative cakes. Some basic tricks or tips for the home bakers would be:

  1. Concentrate on flavor. So many people miss the mark here and go for decoration. A cake can be pretty, but if it doesn’t taste good, then you’ve lost your audience. Like the saying, beauty is only skin deep. Try to think of a flavor that everyone enjoys and then add luscious complements. For example, my daughter’s christening cake was almond flavored, and I enhanced it with salted caramel, toasted almonds and a luscious butter cream before I covered it and got to the artwork.
  2. Aim for contrasting and complementing colors. You want your cake to be visually appealing and memorable. Use colors that work well together and when you can, sneak in something bold or something with some gold or silver. Make it memorable.
  3. Hone your piping skills. These go a long way and give you versatility.
  4. Practice on your family. I know it sounds crude, but who else will forgive you for your mistakes?

SheKnows: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Chef Dana Herbert: In five years, I will have a new shop for sure and hopefully be starring in my own show. More than likely a handful of cookbooks will be in circulation as well as some home products for baking and cooking.



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Healthy Tips To Help Shed Some Pounds

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011

5 Healthy Habits That Sabatoge Your Weight Loss

You gave up sweets, get plenty of sleep every night, and your pantry looks like a Whole Foods boutique, yet your waistline hasn’t budged an inch — so what gives? JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert and co-star of the TLC series Freaky Eaters says that these healthy habits might actually be harming your weight loss efforts. We caught up with Virgin to debunk five sneaky food sins that seem healthy, yet are actually making you gain weight. Check out what they are below.

  • You eat too much healthy food. “When it comes to your calorie intake, you have to think of your body as a bank account,” Virgin says. “Just because strawberries are healthy doesn’t mean you can eat 4 pounds of them. The same goes with nuts — yes, they are healthy but eat too many and they’re not. People I work with often experience the halo effect — they know they are eating something healthy so they eat more than they should, which counteracts eating healthy in the first place.”
  •  You’re eating healthy foods, but they might not be healthy for you. Your body has an inflammatory reaction to hold on to weight when you eat some staple items such as eggs, dairy, and soy. “When my clients pull these foods out of their diet, they lose 5 to 10 pounds almost instantly,” Virgin says. Try swapping coconut milk (she likes So Delicious Coconut Milk) instead of soymilk and start to see a difference in your middle.
  • You skimp on breakfast. Not having a big enough breakfast sets your metabolic tone for the entire day. In a recent study, people who ate a larger breakfast (approximately 600 calories) lost more weight and kept it off than people who only had a 200 calories breakfast. Virgin recommends starting the day off with a shake for a healthy start. “Having a latte and a muffin will send your blood sugar crashing by 10 a.m.,” she says. “I tell my clients to make a pea rice protein shake with berries to keep your blood sugar stabilized and help you stay in fat-burning mode.”


  • You’re snacking. Though many experts recommend snacking every few hours, Virgin believes in a different school of thought. “You should eat within an hour of waking up, and every four to six hours throughout the day, stopping three to four hours before you go to bed. This means you’ll eat a total of three times, with maybe one snack in between. If you find yourself snacking, then you didn’t eat the right combination of foods for your meal, and that’s the real issue.”
  • You use artificial sweeteners. If you need a sweetener, Virgin recommends the tiniest bit of raw honey. “Artificial sweeteners cause calorie dysregulation, and you’ll end up overeating because your body can’t correlate the level of sweetness to calories. Plus, if you eat sweet, you’ll crave sweet. You might have been born with a sweet tooth, buy you can retrain it to crave healthier options, like blueberries, or almond butter with cinnamon.” Virgin also warns against using the latest sweetener craze,  agave. “Agave is a huge halo effect food,” she says. “It has the highest level of fructose over any other sweetener, and is a straight connection to insulin resistance (making it more difficult to lower your blood sugar).”



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Who Says You Can’t Be A Loser At Any Age? Here’s How!

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011

Age may be nothing but a number, but it’s a much different story when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds, experts say. The sad truth is the older we get, the more challenging it is to get the weight off.

But on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: The Battle of the Ages,” the middle-age team offers some encouragement: The black team, consisting of ages 30 to 49 and led by trainer Bob Harper, is this season’s top team, handily beating the 50-plus blue team — and the young’uns on the under-30 red team.

The truth is, anyone can be a big loser by following some basic principles — no matter our age.

– If you’re in your 20’s

When you’re 20-something, it seems you can eat almost anything you want. Even if you gain an extra 40 or 50 pounds after college, it will melt off with little effort, says Mark Macdonald, a nutrition/fitness expert who founded Venice Nutrition in Venice, Calif.

“Anything you do, you can drop that weight pretty quickly,” he says. “But the longer you keep the weight on, the harder it is to lose.”

– The solution:

Eat within an hour upon waking, and at least every three to four hours, says Macdonald, author of the New York Times bestselling book, “Body Confidence.”

Each meal should be about 250 calories with about 35 grams of protein and 22 grams of carbs and 10 grams of fat.

Breakfast could be six ounces of low-fat cottage cheese, two to three ounces of blueberries and a handful of nuts. For dinner, try salmon with brown rice and asparagus.

– Here’s what Macdonald calls the right exercise:

Get in 30 to 40 minutes of cardio such as walking, climbing stairs, treadmill or jogging four to five days each week.

Add in strength training such as yoga or Pilates three days a week, and follow that up with another 30 minutes of sprinting, alternating with one minute of total explosion and two minutes of slow walking, repeat the pattern for a half hour.

“Every meal should be focused on calories per meal, not calories per day,” he says. “Feed your body correctly and release the stored fat. Do the right exercise to burn the fat off.”

– If you’re in your 30s

Build on the good habits you developed in your 20s. MacDonald says a healthy lifestyle will allow you to keep the weight off or get rid of unwanted pounds, so continue following the same tips for people in their 20s.

Heather Bauers, founder of New Trainer, a nutrition and counseling center in New York City, says it’s a must to break the bad habits you developed in your 20s such as eating junk food and skipping healthy meals.

“You can’t eat the same things you did in your 20s without gaining weight,” she says. “You are not in a state of growth anymore so it’s important to listen to your hunger cues and not eat because you think you’re supposed to eat.”

– The solution:

Load up on phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables, Bauers says.

“In your 20’s, you may have just done cardio, but in your 30’s, you may have to build more muscle so you have a faster metabolism,” she explains.

“Do more weight-bearing exercise as well as cardio to get your metabolic rate up.”

In addition to that, she suggests choosing healthier snacks — if you must have them.

“Focus on a snack that is high in fiber and high in protein,” she says.

“Keep your energy levels up in the afternoon. Think about an apple with low-fat string cheese, an apple with peanut butter, a tablespoon of peanut butter. You could do a nutrition bars that is organic and high in fiber.”

– If you’re in your 40s and 50s

Exercise and diet remain highly important, but also remember to load up on more omega-3 fatty acids found in fish because they’re important for anti-inflammatory benefits and help with depression because melancholy moods can lead to weight gain, says Bauers, author of “The Wall Street Diet” and the upcoming book, “Bread is the Devil.”

Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, halibut, albacore tuna, walnuts, flaxseed oil and canola oil. Catfish, spinach and shrimp also contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Also, it’s important for women to make sure they’re getting enough calcium, Bauers says.

– The solution:

Lower your caloric intake by at least 100 calories a day. “If you’re drinking coffee, switch from whole milk to skim milk, switch your snack from chips to an apple,” Bauers says.

“If your family is having spaghetti and meatballs, have meatballs and spinach instead.

If you can’t do an intense workout, she says, get outside and walk for 20 minutes and spend 20 minutes returning to your starting point.

“When you get a little older, you have to work a little harder, but don’t throw in the towel and use age as an excuse,” Bauers says. “Thinner and more active people live longer.”

– If you’re 60 or older

At this stage of life, it becomes all about calorie intake, so if you know you’re not very active, don’t take it a lot of calories, says Lauren McKnight-Ford, a nutrition coach in Metro Detroit.

Experts say the author of the book named “Bread is the Devil”, most probably means white bread because whole bread which contains an important portion of one’s healthy diet has so many useful nutrients in it.

The most recent diet plate announced recently, includes whole bread as one of the essential portions of one’s healthy diet.


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How Business Owners Counter Online Slander

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011


In 2008, Peter Justen’s newly launched software startup, MyBizHomePage, was gaining traction. It had users in 46 countries and distribution agreements around the U.S. Small business owners were feeding their QuickBooks financial data into Justen’s online dashboard to monitor their monthly cash flow and accounts receivables data better.

The initial momentum fizzled when Justen says he was targeted by a cyberattack after he fired three employees. On numerous websites and social media platforms, MyBizHomePage was tarred as a scam and Justen labeled a felon. His personal information, including ages and home addresses of his family, friends, and investors, were posted anonymously.

His customer database disappeared, his e-mail was hacked, and his bank nearly pulled his home mortgage, Justen says. He had to lay off his six employees and move his business to his garage, while his wife returned to work. Justen says the lowest point came at his son’s private school, when he had to explain that he was not responsible for threats against the institution that seemed to be coming from his e-mail accounts.

“People who know you well stand by you, but people who have only tangential relationships with you stop returning your phone calls,” Justen says, noting he lost $3.5 million in startup capital supplied by investors and himself.


The identity theft, under investigation by the U.S. Secret Service, is extreme but no longer unusual. As managing director of Reputation Advocate, a consulting company in Franklin, Tenn., Steven Wyer, 56, says he has heard it all before: lost income, decades of ethical business practice decimated, and families torn apart by online smear campaigns that, once planted, are nearly impossible to erase.

“The Internet does not play fair. And the body of law that regulates it is narrow and young. The law almost always sides with the Internet service providers while the citizenry is left pretty exposed,” Wyer says. He has his own horror story that he has written about in a book, Violated Online, which details how a lawsuit that was ultimately resolved in his favor ruined his financial services company in the early 2000s. He started Reputation Advocate in 2006 and has since worked with hundreds of clients whose companies have been trashed on review sites, including small businesses that have lost lines of credit after being falsely accused of not withholding payroll taxes.

While a crop of online reputation management services has surfaced in recent years, fighting back is costly and time consuming. It is difficult to find the source of many complaints, short of a federal court order, and when they surface they most often come from competitors or fired employees. Complaint boards and watchdog websites tend to repost content, so one grumble may appear like a systemic problem.

“If you go to the website and show them that certain posts violate their terms and conditions, they stand on the First Amendment and say they’re just a bulletin board and not responsible for what’s posted there. Most of them will never remove the content, even if the person alleging the wrong has a change of heart and asks that it be removed,” Wyer says.


So what’s a business owner facing an online slander campaign to do?

Stay informed, using automated services that send alerts when the company, officers, board of directors, or owners are mentioned online. “Don’t live in denial; know what’s out there and make sure you’re looking at various iterations of your company name, including your URL, because different results will come up,” Wyer says.

If business owners find an attack on themselves or their businesses, they should review the terms and conditions at the website where it is posted and inform the site’s managers. “For instance, nude pictures are a violation on Google (GOOG). You can imagine how personally devastating that might be, if you have a dating relationship that doesn’t turn out well, and pictures are posted of you without your consent,” Wyer says.

Build positive content about the company that positions it as informed and professional. Companies should make sure to fill out all the listings for the business offered by such sites as Superpages.com and claim all the website extensions, such as .net and .biz, for the company name. In addition, “A blog is a great ongoing tool for a business because it keeps you relevant in the consumer’s mind,” Wyer says.

He does not advise rebutting bad reviews on sites such as Yelp, though he acknowledges that other reputation consultants disagree. “When you protest, you’re just drawing people into the digital dirt-kicking. When you’ve stepped into quicksand, you’re just going to get sucked in,” he says. You can certainly ask happy clients to offer genuine feedback about your company on review sites, but don’t ask them to go to bat for you in a dispute, Wyer advises.

Justen has rebuilt his business as a subscription service and rebranded it as FivePlus.co. He’s hoping to launch it formally later this year. He managed to get some of the damaging information about him removed, but it still crops up. “Once on the Web, always on the Web. Anytime I’m in a conversation, I have to warn people proactively and explain what happened to me and my company,” he says. “People think cybercrime isn’t as bad as robbery or guns, but it’s sure not a victimless crime.”


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5 Factors Exercise Has on Blood Test Results

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011


The external benefits of exercise — shedding unwanted pounds and building lean muscle — are only part of the equation. The true power of exercise happens internally to your body’s systems, according to Mark Mcdonald, CEO of Venice Nutrition and author of “Body Confidence.” The risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease are measured through blood tests. You can expect changes in your blood levels if you perform regular, moderate exercise, according to Dr. Jennifer Landa, chief medical officer at BodyLogicMD.

Lipid Panel

Four main tests make up the lipid panel: total cholesterol; LDL, low-density lipoprotein – L for lousy or bad – cholesterol; HDL, high-density lipoprotein – H for happy or good – cholesterol; and triglycerides. Changes in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are variable, and the levels most impacted by exercise are triglycerides and HDL, according to Landa. A highly valuable ratio is triglycerides to HDL, because it is a marker of insulin resistance. It should be kept below 2. Triglycerides are reduced and HDL increases with exercise, affecting the triglyceride-to-HDL ratio positively, says Landa. Exercise also helps to change the LDL particle size from small to a more desirable, large size, thus decreasing the likelihood of LDL oxidation and plaque formation.

Blood Sugar and A1C

Ideally, fasting glucose should be between 80mg/dl and 90mg/dl, according to Mcdonald. Since exercise uses sugar and fat for energy, the more consistent you are with exercise, the better blood sugar readings you will have. Cardio and strength training help your body move more efficiently, keep your blood sugar in an optimal range, utilize excess glucose and balance your two blood sugar hormones, glucagon and insulin. Landa says the hemoglobin A1C is even more important than a one-time fasting glucose reading. It is an average of blood sugar readings over a few months. A level over 5.7 percent poses significant risk for developing diabetes or pre-diabetes. A1C responds to a combination of resistance training and cardio.

C-Reactive Protein

C-reactive protein, a protein found in the blood, is a marker of inflammation. C-reactive protein is a risk factor for diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, according to Landa. Exercise causes a significant reduction in C-reactive protein levels, showing that exercise reduces inflammation.


Fibrinogen is part of the blood-clotting cascade that leads to the formation of blood clots, according to Landa. Fibrinogen is a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease. The relationship between fibrinogen and cardiovascular disease is similar to the relationship between cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Fibrinogen is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Exercise is one of the best ways to decrease high levels of fibrinogen, says Landa.


The release of endorphins causes “runner’s high,” the sense of well-being felt after exercise. Increased endorphins result in more balanced hormone levels, says Mcdonald. Consistent exercise, cardio and strength training create a stable environment in your body. This stability triggers steady hormone levels of cortisol, the stress hormone; thyroxin, the metabolism hormone; and estrogen and testosterone, sex hormones that affect mood.




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Halloween Is Just Around The Corner-Get Organized For Halloween

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011

The great thing about reporting on home organization, is that when I don’t know something, I get to call in the experts. This week’s expert is Blanche Garcia, Leed AP, Asid certified interior designer and most recently the star of HGTV’s Design Star. I asked her for two good Halloween organizing tips, and she obliged below.

What’s the number one budget decoration to have for Halloween? Halloween candy because you can fill clear containers, each with one kind and make center pieces. Or you can make a design with them in a shadow box frame for the wall. They also make fun sculptures when you glue them onto a topiary stand. Best of all, if you buy in a large quantity, you’ll have plenty left over to serve the kids on Halloween!
What’s the best way to store your Halloween decorations? In sealed plastic bags in labeled plastic containers. This way they are easy to find next year and you won’t be surprised to find creepy crawly creatures inside when you go to use.

What’s the number one budget decoration to have for Halloween?
Halloween candy because you can fill clear containers, each with one kind and make center pieces. Or you can make a design with them in a shadow box frame for the wall. They also make fun sculptures when you glue them onto a topiary stand. Best of all, if you buy in a large quantity, you’ll have plenty left over to serve the kids on Halloween!

What’s the best way to store your Halloween decorations?
In sealed plastic bags in labeled plastic containers. This way they are easy to find next year and you won’t be surprised to find creepy crawly creatures inside when you go to use


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Don’t Blame The Economy

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 28, 2011

How does paying $20 for a cab ride and $8 for two coffees from Starbucks relate to fixing the economy?

According to Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author, international sales expert, a regular on FOX Business News’ The Willis Report and NBC’s Nonstop and on National Geographics‘ Turnaround King, it’s a symbol of why some businesses aren’t doing well in the economy.

Cardone was recently in Toronto to give a talk on the fundamentals of a successful business in the current environment. Cardone once said that the problem with the economy isn’t the actual economy.

When asked about that statement, Cardone said, “The economy is problematic but the real problem is that businesses don’t know how to sell in a contracted environment.”

He said that prior to the current recession, businesses didn’t have to get out there and sell because people were buying. Now, because business either don’t know or don’t have the necessary training, they’re struggling to keep up.

“What businesses have to do is go out and create jobs. They have to get in front of decision makers,” says Cardone. “It’s all about the value added proposition – anything that saves money or makes money. It’s about revenue.”

Cardone offers a few tips on how to survive in the economy:

1. Get everyone in the company focused on revenue. Cardone cautions that it isn’t just about the money but about motivating people to focus on generation, which leads to his second tip.

2. Identify and create a target list. This means looking at current and past clients. Cardone says, “See who you haven’t renewed and reach out to them.” According to him, it’s also about going above and beyond in service.

3. Activate the staff. I asked Cardone how a business can motivate their staff. His response was to get the staff involved. “It’s not the money. Instead it’s about helping to restore the economy.”

But back to the $20 cab ride for coffee. Cardone explained that he woke up and wanted to go to Starbucks. Unfortunately there wasn’t one nearby. He went to the front desk of his hotel and asked about a shuttle that might take him to the nearest shop. The front desk clerk said they didn’t have a shuttle.

Cardone used this as a example of how businesses aren’t adapting to the economy. “I got a cab,” he says. “The front desk clerk could have said they didn’t have a shuttle and gotten me a cab. I still would have paid the $20 bucks but by not doing that, I’m not going to talk about the hotel. They should go that extra little bit but the front desk clerk wasn’t trained to do so.”

You can find Cardone’s strategies on Youtube. Here’s a video of his sales strategy for recessions.


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