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Michael McIntyre teaches Monster.com readers how to get the salary they want

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 12, 2011


Tips on Getting the Salary You Want

Just because the economy seems a bit precarious doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a lower salary than you deserve. But if you’re feeling less than confident about speaking to your boss about a raise, sales expert Michael McIntyre has some tips for you. The president and CEO of Benefits America, as well as the author of “The Authentic Salesman: Mastering the Art of Transforming Real Objections into Real Transactions,” McIntyre offers these ten tips for people entering into salary negotiations with a manager:

1. Do a reality check. Take a coworker or two out for coffee or lunch and ask them for blunt feedback about how you come across at work. Consider this your pre-performance review.

2. Read the tea leaves. If your company is laying people off, try back later. It’s just common sense.

(Learn to understand the signs — read “How to Tell If a Layoff Is Coming.”)

3. Brag mercilessly. Make a list of everything you have done to help your company achieve its goals. And be specific.

4. Practice that pitch. Rehearse with your spouse or friends first, and make sure they’re tough on you so that you’re battled-tested and prepared for your boss’s curve balls.

5. Cut the sly act. Be upfront with your boss about why you want to sit down. No boss wants to be ambushed. Also be specific about how much of a raise you request –- it shows leadership and confidence.

(Is now the right time to schedule that meeting? Read “Can I Ask for a Raise Yet?”)

6. Acknowledge your boss and company. Be gracious, saying something along the lines of, “Mr. Jones, thank you for taking the time. I truly appreciate the opportunity.”

7. Zip it! After you acknowledge them, if you have done it correctly, they know why you’re there. Let them be in control (bosses like that) and ask the obvious or make a statement.

8. Acknowledge them, no matter what. They might say, “Well, I reviewed your file and as you know, the company is on a tight budget and I just don’t see how you getting a raise is going to fit in this.” Reply, “I understand and felt this might be a possibility when I came in; however, I want to share with you a few ideas about this. Have you considered the value …”.

(Get more negotiation tips — read “Ask for the Raise You Want.”)

9. Do not ramble! Once you make your rebuttal (if needed), let it go. Bosses hate rambling, so make your point concisely and watch for the ball now in their court.

10. Never, ever get emotional. No matter what, chances are that you will get a raise if you have made yourself invaluable. Leave your sensitivity at the door if you want to move up the corporate ladder.


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