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Check this Q & A session with our intern Sika Shiel

Posted by Levine Communications Office on May 8, 2012

Q: So you’ve just about finished your internship?

A: Yes, I have one more week.


Q:When did you begin?

A: February 6th, 2012


Q: Was this internship anything like you thought it would be?

A: No, it was not. Not at all.


Q: How was it different?

A: It was a lot harder. I pictured internships to be pleasant, but it  is more footwork than a lot of people anticipate it to be.


Q: Where did you go to school?

A: Tuskegee University


Q: When you compare this internship to your time in college, is this more difficult?

A: I had classes that were difficult, but overall, yes.


Q: Did you enjoy this internship?

A: Yes. In the beginning I didn’t, but toward the end, I realized exactly every lesson I learned.


Q: What didn’t you like in the beginning?

A: I wasn’t told what I wanted to hear. I was used to being told what I wanted to hear and never used to hearing what I need to hear. My skin was not very tough. I used to be so sensitive.


Q: Tell me about some of the things you learned during your internship.

A: I learned that I can be a careless person when doing certain tasks, so now I over-check and make sure that things are done properly. I always call, send a text, and send an email when I’m contacting a person. Also, overall, I’ve learned that over-communicating is so essential to being a successful person in life. I feel like I can take these lessons with me anywhere I go.


Q: Would you recommend this internship to anyone who’s interested in PR?

A: Yes, and for anybody interested in learning about the entertainment industry.



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