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Check out this article on Dr. Ellenbogen’s “Social Media Spurring” Surgery on Triana Lavey!

Posted by Levine Communications Office on July 19, 2012

“…Triana Lavey was about to undergo a radical transformation. And she was doing it for a radical reason. She wanted to look better online. With the help of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, she was changing her chin, her nose and the shape of her face.”

“…Is our eager embrace of social media creating a culture of Internet narcissism? And can’t we just move the webcam to improve the angle from which it shoots us?

‘It definitely is, and most people should do that,’ Ellenbogen said, ‘but there are people who have tried to do that, to make themselves more attractive, and they just need a little bit of a boost.’ More than a month after her surgery, Lavey was ready to show her 692 Facebook friends her new face.”

Read the full article and watch Dr. Ellenbogen’s segment on Nightline at abcnews.go.com!


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