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Self-made millionaire Marco Kozlowski inspires in recent interview with The Examiner

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 31, 2012

Marco Kozlowski, self-made millionaire.

1. I would like to go back to the beginning, tell me about your early struggles. You say you were a struggling musician, what was the name of your band? How many years were you a musician? What states did you tour? What genre did you specialize in?

Band? HA! I wasn’t even THAT cool…I was a concert pianist…. Do you know what the difference between a concert Pianist and a large pepperoni pizza is? The pizza can actually feed a family of 4! I was living in Canada at the time, (I’m from Montreal) and was struggling from gig to gig. I toured across Canada after winning a few music competitions. It was hard. I ended up losing the passion for playing, and that makes it rough. I decided to open up a music school to supplement my family’s income; I was sick and tired of being sick and tired…and really really broke. – I knew I was capable of more, looking back; I was just on the wrong vehicle.

To read the entire interview in The Examiner, click on above picture.

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The 10 worst nightmares for a PR professional.

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 31, 2012

The 10 worst nightmares for a PR professional

By Jennifer Nichols

PR pros are not easily scared, but these horrifying acts are sure to raise the hair on the neck of even the toughest PR cookie. (Cue scary music from the shower scene in “Psycho.”) We wouldn’t wish these PR nightmares on our worst enemy.

1. You mail merge a pitch to the wrong media list.

2. Your big placement is canned due to a huge breaking news.

3. A press release is issued with the CEO’s name misspelled and all the URLs are dead.

4. You wake to find a cover story featuring all your competitors.

5. Crisis, crisis, crisis and no prepared plan of attack.

6. No media show up for your press conference or media event.

7. You accidentally share a personal tweet on the corporate account.

8. You lose cell/Internet service; what is a PR pro without access?

9. An expensive PR stunt results in zero coverage.

10. You have the wrong addresses listed on a media tour and your spokesperson is late to every interview.

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