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  • November 2012
    M T W T F S S

NutriFit’s Mighty Munch Mix receives great review in The Experience.

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 8, 2012

NutriFit, ‘Mighty Munch Mix’, excellent high energy snack.

article by by Erwin Glaub

NutriFit, the healthy food company that delivers nutritious, fully prepared meals featuring fresh, all natural and preservative-free ingredients, offers a delicious, high-energy snack called the ‘Mighty Munch Mix.” Made with dark chocolate, almonds, sun-dried cranberries, dried pineapple and roasted corn kernels, the 100% natural, high in fiber and delicious treat is the perfect mix for anyone’s active lifestyle. Created by NutriFit Founding Director and Executive Chef Jackie Keller, ‘Mighty Munch Mix’ joins the Mighty Family line of deliciously healthy bars and mixes and comes in at under 175 calories.

To read the rest of this article, click on picture above.

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