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Why be an LCO client? For the many great benefits, of course.

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 9, 2012

Being an LCO client brings with it many benefits, these are just a few:

1. Experience:For 29 years (since June 1, 1983) LCO has remained one of the country’s most prominent entertainment PR firms in the world. We have represented 58 Academy Award winners, 40 New York Times best sellers and 34 Grammy Award winners. Gives LCO a unique experience that few firms can even begin to approach.

2. Passion: Our culture is vivid: we draw blood for our clients’ passion level but again very few can match. Working tirelessly on behalf of our client is our motto and demonstrated strength.

3. Focus: Our approach has always been ready, aim, fire with a tremendous emphasis on strategic focus. We are not interested in creating a scrap-book for our clients but instead making real, discernible, measurable progressive to their victory.

4. Results: In countless case studios our firm has constantly out-performed our competition often by 3 or 4 times to 1. A great deal of our success over nearly 3 decades has involved delivering solid, strong, measurable results.

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Take a look at these employee motivation tips from Dr. Bob Nelson in the Global Delivery Report.

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 9, 2012

Meeting the Challenge of Motivating Remote Teams

By: Ann All

Dr. Bob Nelson

1. Personally thank employees for doing a good job — one on one, in writing, or both. Do it timely, often and sincerely. (It’s a good idea for managers to meet with front-line workers, not just other managers, during on-site visits. Nelson noted that when Intel founder Andy Grove visited Intel workplaces, he’d host open meetings in the cafeteria.)

To read the rest of these tips, click on picture above.

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