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Simple Health Tip To Cut Calories from Jackie Keller in Us Weekly

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 4, 2013

Jackie Keller US WeeklyFor everyone that wants to lose a bit of weight this year, Jackie Keller provided some wisdom in this week’s Us Weekly. And no, it’s not a new program that combines extreme workouts with eating meager portions.

It’s….sleeping!!! (sort of).

Keller recommended keeping a sleep journal, as well as a food journal. A sleep journal is for recording how many hours of sleep a person gets each day, while a food journal records the food and calories consumed.

Why is recording the amount of sleeping hours important? Why not just count calories? According to the Mayo Clinic, adults who slept for 2/3 the amount of time than their normal time ate an additional 549 calories the next day!

To put that number into perspective, the recommended caloric intake for women is roughly 2,000 and 2,500 for men.

So it’s basically sleeping more and eating less, or sleeping less and eating more.

Check out more health tips from Keller and other nutrition experts in this week’s issue of Us Weekly!

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