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  • January 2013
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Dr. Carole Lieberman and Anti-Toy Gun Activists Reload Their Cause in Santa Monica

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 11, 2013

Image“Local activists on Friday revived a crusade against toy guns.

In the wake of the Sandyhook Elementary School shooting that left dozens dead, Santa Monica resident Jerry Rubin said he wants to once again draw attention to what he says are the negative effects playing with toy guns has on children.

He was joined by Mammas and Papas founder Michelle Phillips, Santa Monica-Malibu school board member Oscar de la Torre, and psychiatrist Carole Lieberman—who called toy guns a gateway to “a culture of violence”—at a small news conference on the Third Street Promenade.”

Read more about the news conference and watch clips at SantaMonicaPatch
Written and media clips by Jenna Chandler

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Are you addicted to love or sex? Dopamine can make it hard to tell the difference.

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 11, 2013

ImageWritten by Dave Moore and Bill Manville.
Photo by B2M Productions/Getty Images

“When I asked psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets” about him, she said it sounded more like an addiction to sex than falling in love. “Certain hormones are released during intercourse that are pleasurable. People often confuse that pleasurable feeling for love.” You know, Dave, I thought the exhilaration we call falling in love was purely psychological. Please fill me in on its basis in body chemistry?”

Find out more about sex, love, and Dopamine at New York Daily News.

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