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  • January 2013
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Marcy Miller Gives Dating Advice For Women Re-Entering the Dating World

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 23, 2013

ImageWritten by Elyse Glickman

“Women over 50 who are determined to settle down without settling can think of Marcy Miller’s memoir, “Rebooting in Beverly Hills: A Wise and Wild Path for Navigating the Dating World” (Bancroft Press, $22.95) as a sort of boot camp. 

The willowy attorney and jewelry designer, whose book came out in June, uses her personal journey as a starting point for offering strategic advice about surviving the minefields of traditional and online dating in Los Angeles.

Miller should know. After two marriages and a bout with breast cancer, she believed her third marriage was the proverbial charm — until she accidentally stumbled upon a correspondence revealing that her husband had a mistress. 

So she ended up single again in midlife — she declines to give her age — and jumped back into the dating jungle. Once there, she was ambushed by gossip, online dating Web sites and a series of hilariously horrific dates.

The result? Plenty of advice about what to do — and not do — for other boomers who may follow in her footsteps. “

Check out the rest of the article at JewishJournal.com

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Ron Shusett’s Interview in Yes! Weekly (Part II)

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 23, 2013

ImageWritten by Mark Burger

“(This is the second in a two-part interview with noted screenwriter and producer Ronald Shusett, whose credits include Alien, Total Recall, Minority Report, Dead & Buried andFreejack.)

Like the title character, Ronald Shusett burst into prominence with Alien in 1979. Shusett and Dan O’Bannon conceived the story. O’Bannon is credited as screenwriter and Shusett as executive producer. It was only director Ridley Scott’s second feature but, says Shusett, “Little did I know I’d end up with a genius.””

Find the rest of the interview at YesWeekly.com

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