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  • February 2013
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OZ The Great and Powerful

Posted by Levine Communications Office on February 27, 2013


By: Rick

To book the part of “The Strongman” in Oz The Great and Powerful Tim Holmes, a firefighter from Lansing, had the idea of creating his own audition piece by making a short film on location. When he uploaded it to his agency, they only agreed to submit this unconventional audition piece after much convincing. However, when Sam Raimi, the Michigan-born director, saw the piece, he requested reference letters from past productions Tim Holmes had worked on. They were sent in on a Monday morning and Tim Holmes got the part that afternoon.

When Tim met with the director at Raleigh Studios in Michigan, Sam asked him in the nicest possible way if he was going to work out at the gym for this role. Tim explained he had not worked out in over a year because he and his wife were raising newborn twin boys at the time. However, from that point forth, Tim committed to training every day and to continue to do so during shooting.Tim weighed 220 lbs when he started training. He was up to 245 lbs. by the end of shooting. He trained every day, sometimes twice a day.

_cid_image001_png_01CE09E0“I would train before I went to set at 5am and continue throughout the day in my dressing room. I did no cardio, only lifted heavy weights, ate everything I could think of, and spent a thousand dollars a month on weight-gain powder, protein powder and 10 other things the huge guy at the health food store told me to take. Weighing that much was strange to adjust to. I bumped into walls in my home. I actually fell out of the shower and broke the shower curtain rod. When I would tie my shoes, I would be out of breath from bending over,”Tim said.

Tim also immersed himself in the Strongman role by researching the lives of carnival strongmen from the past. He would walk around in costume all day, to lunch and rehearsals. He had pictures of carnival strongmen in his room.

Read the rest of the article and interview at Livingston Parent Journal

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