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John of God Healing Event: Toronto, March 15-1

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 11, 2013

Gail-Thackray-PaganPagesJohn of God, a world-renowned healer, is leaving his isolated Brazilian town and will be in North America–actually Toronto–March 15-17, 2013.  This is a rare opportunity for you to experience his healing power and/or to learn how you, too, can learn to heal.

He has been featured on Oprah; he healed Dr. Wayne Dyer; Gail Thackray, renowned medium and psychic has made a documentary and written a book about him; I was told that even the Pope recently said that he thinks that John of God is actually doing the work of God…

…and now he has stepped into my life and my readers’–indirectly–but I stand amazed at how the connection was made and what I have experienced personally so far.

Gail’s Books and DVD

It all began when I received Gail Thackray’s book in the mail, Talk to Your Pets, to review.  Also enclosed, was a book about John of God and a DVD as well.  I didn’t understand the connection at first.

As I read the first book, I began to use Gail’s ideas of how to “talk” to the animals at the Rescue Ranch. Not only was I amazed that they responded but I found that they actually looked at me like they understood what I was saying! (More about this book later and Gail’s ability to communicate with the animals, which I was blessed to experience firsthand. Wow!)

When I was done, I took a look at the other book and out of curiosity, began to read it.  I found it incredibly down-to-earth, written as if to show the world an inside view of a visit with John of God to the reader.  Through the book, I was “really” there, walking around, watching the surgeries and healings and experiencing the peace and love that encompassed the area.  I wanted to know more and was intrigued enough to watch the DVD–even though I was still a little hesitant.

The DVD was simple and informative–I felt like I was there again–watching everything, participating in a way, wanting to know more.  Thankfully, Gail’s assistant was persistent enough to follow-up with me and arrange an interview, which really turned out to be a reading.  While we were on the phone, it was if Gail was looking into my body–and life–and into the Rescue Ranch to see the dogs and what was wrong with the animals who were having difficulty healing.

On her way to Toronto to speak at the John of God conference, I felt incredibly blessed that she took the time out of her schedule to talk to me–and to add me and the dogs to her healing requests.  We welcome all prayers–and miracles–at the Rescue Ranch!

Read the rest of the article and get info for The Healing Event at Chron


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