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Lansing man relishes ‘Oz’ strongman role

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 12, 2013

Tim Holmes worked hard to get right look

By: Mike Hughes


So there was Lansing’s Tim Holmes, asked to strip for some of the most important people in movies.

Sam Raimi — the Michigan State University alumnus who directed the “Spider-Man” films — was there. So was Joe Roth, producer of movies with Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise.

They were casting him in “Oz,” but wanted to be sure he’d look fine in a circus strongman suit. The reaction when he removed his shirt? “Sam said, ‘You are going to work out, aren’t you?’ ” Holmes said.

YES he would, Holmes said. “You only get one chance like this. … Film is forever.”

Especially this film. “Oz” was No. 1 in its opening weekend, making an estimated $80 million in the U.S.; the next nine films combined for $45.5 million. It’s heading toward $300 million, with about the same overseas. Then comes TV, cable and more.

Holmes, 45, wanted his forever image to be right. “I worked out seven days a week” for 10 weeks.

Then filming started, on seven sprawling sound stages in Pontiac. He hit a gym at 5 a.m. daily; by 7, he was in his trailer … which had more barbells. This strongman would be large and menacing.

And that, a friend said, is the opposite of the real-life Holmes. “In high school, he was pretty much a band geek,” Laura Farhat Bramson recalled fondly. “He was a gentle, kind guy.”

She worked with him at the Country Parlour ice cream restaurant and they hung out afterward. “He was a real goofball,” Bramson said. He was also, she said, “ridiculously good-looking.”

That may have led to a sometimes-wild youth. “I was a problem child,” Holmes granted.

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Q & A: John Carroll

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 12, 2013

By: Barbara Akowuah

For over 62 years , Beverly Hills based Carroll & Co. (www.carrollandco.com) has been dressing prestigious directors, producers, writers, and numerous actors. Carroll & Co. has custom-tailored clothing for Hollywood celebrities such as Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Rock Hudson, George Clooney, and Ryan Gosling to name a few. Examiner.com recently had the pleasure of speaking with legendary menswear connoisseur John Carroll about his storied career, red carpet trends, love of fashion, and more…

Q: Where did you grow up and what was it like there?

A: I was fortunate enough to grow up in Beverly Hills and attend Beverly Hills High School. Beverly Hills had its positives and negatives. Yes, there were the rich kids with the nice cars, but there were more middle class families like myself. Early on as a high school kid I took an interest in my father’s men’s store and worked throughout my high school years. It gave me a great foundation to begin my career.

Q: What are the wardrobe staples every man must have in his closet?

A: Every man should have a navy blue suit, a navy blazer, a pair of grey dress slacks, for the dress up times. A blue and black jean, one or two cashmere sweaters and a leather jacket for those more casual affairs. With these items, he’s set.

Q: What are some of your favorite pieces of the Carroll & Co collection?

A: Every piece of sportswear that we do from Luciano Barbera is a work of art.
Our Connaught Collection of Savile Row inspired clothing is a big hit. Meticulously tailored using the finest fabrics and very well priced. I love our classic navy blazer with scarlet red lining and our Carroll brass buttons. We do an Italian gabardine slack that is tailored and fits better than any slack I have ever seen. Cashmere sweatshirt from Scotland in 26 colors – a real winner. And for fun, our “cushy sock” has a following among our customers like no other item in the store. So soft and fluffy, you think you’re wearing a soft slipper.

Q: Describe John Carroll style in three words?

A: Stylish, Classic, Quality.

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SXSW: Adly contest for start-ups gives winner a celebrity tweet

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 12, 2013


AUSTIN, Texas — Want a major celebrity to endorse your start-up company on Twitter?

Westwood-based Adly, a marketing platform that connects brands with celebrities on social media, is holding a contest during South by Southwest for start-ups that want a little boost from a big name.

Entrants just need to submit a pitch of 140 characters or fewer to Adly’s Twitter handle with the format: “Hey @Adly ____________________ #SXSW #pitchadly.”

At a “Sunday Funday” event featuring L.A. tech companies, Adly Chief Executive Walter Delph said that as SXSW’s Interactive festival grows each year, start-ups can struggle to get noticed.

“Now you have multi-billion companies like Samsung who are here, so it’s harder for smaller companies to bubble to the top,” Delph said from Austin’s Frank restaurant, where a capacity crowd snacked on currywurst and downed cocktails adorned with bacon strips. “We want to help in an authentic way.”

Read the rest of the artice at LA Times

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