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Tim Holmes on How to Gain Weight For Oz the Great and Powerful

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 22, 2013

By Jenn


Tim has been an action-suspense actor and stuntman and—after taking off some time to raise his 3-year-old twin boys—had missed a workout here or there to focus on being a father. When he landed the Oz role though, that all changed. To live up to the “Strongman” name, Tim ended up putting on 25 pounds of muscle in three months. Three months! Read on for more on how he did it naturally, what his workouts were like and what the whole experience and role taught him!

FBG: How did you go about gaining 25 pounds of muscle?

TH: Gaining 25 pounds took me a total of three months to do. It was not all muscle though, a lot of fat was there, as well. The first thing I did was go to the local health food store and ask the guy with the giant muscles who worked there what I should buy. He helped me create a routine that included about 20 pills a day, weight-gain powder, protein powder and creatine. I ate all day long; ice cream weight-gain powder shakes, red meat and every carb you can imagine. I worked out seven days a week using all free weights. I did five exercises for every body part, each with rep sets of  12-10-9-8, using the heaviest possible weight I could lift. I used a lot of people to get those heavy sets done.

1st day: chest and triceps

2nd day: back and biceps

3rd day: legs

4th day: shoulders, biceps and triceps

5th day: back and chest

6th day: biceps and triceps

7th day: legs and shoulders

FBG: Did you do it in a healthy way?

TH: I was under a serious time crunch while……

Read the rest at fitbottomgirls.com.

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