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  • April 2013
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SETTLE IT … and be Blessed Reviewed By Conny Crisalli of Bookpleasures.com

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 5, 2013

Author: Tom Gehring
Publisher: Montserrat Press
ISBN: 978-1-62335-000-0

My whole life has come down to just one message: God wants you to settle the matters in your life, and do it quickly. He has told me that he wants to pour out his blessings on his sons and daughters and that to do so they must do all they can to settle all the burdens and trials that have come their way or will come their way.” Tom Gehring writes in his book,SETTLE IT … and be Blessed.

At over two hundred and fifty pages, this hardback book is gives a Christian approach with suggestions to help settle a lawsuit, family, friend or business dispute, personal problem or addiction by turning to God for peace, solace and answers. Including helpful Biblical and secular footnotes, the book is divided into three parts, each chapter ending with a summary along with several author poems and pages for journaling. This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

Author Gehring has been a California trial lawyer in the legal trenches for over thirty years, mainly concentrating on business law. In his book, he dissects almost a dozen of his legal cases, ranging from old Jewish Harry who may lose his radio businesses and Mike’s hidden personal secret that affected his business decisions to cancer-ridden Sarah’s divorce battle over her weight loss clinics and three Italian brothers’ long term fight for their deceased father’s business.

Yet between the jumbled stories, the writer writes of his own personal problems by journaling his birthdays, divorce and dealing with depression. Through the heartache, exhaustion, and wanting to be a Christian warrior and mystic, Gehring lists several simple steps to encourage us to let go and let God do battle for us when dealing with lawsuits or disagreements.

In addition to avidly settling disputes quickly, not hastily, the writer reiterates one should read the Biblical Beatitudes that he calls Jesus’ Eight Step Program to be blessed. Being true peacemakers, we should turn our challenges over to the Lord with the tools He has given us individually. Writing on a standard paper napkin, he suggests putting T+ for “Trust in the Lord” on the top and list the items that need God’s intervention. The author says we need to have the desire, make the decision, ask God, and then receive, see, speak and act on it. By going to bed at eight o’clock and getting up at three o’clock to pray and meditate on the Lord, answers and blessings will come. If you watch and pray, even your enemies will be at peace with you.

With most major mistakes happening within the first five minutes of a decision, we all need to be reminded to wait patiently for God’s answer. Legal and relationship trials produce trustworthiness yet settlements always yield sacrifice. With a plethora of Biblical references and stories, the book has a myriad of repetition and jumping between topics and lawsuits. However, Gehring is spot-on when it comes to Bible verse in Psalms, “Be still, and know that I am God” in relationship to how to deal with legal and personal matters.

This book was received by the publisher for review purposes.


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