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Medium Helping People Connect to Their Healing Abilities

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 7, 2013


CALGARY — Helping people connect to God and develop their own healing abilities is Gail Thackray’s passion.

And the world-renowned spiritual educator and medium is in Calgary this weekend to deliver her message during the Body Soul & Spirit Expo.

“I believe we can all do that,” says Thackray, a spiritual healer, about people’s ability to connect with the other side.

“We can manifest things in our lives. We can change our lives. We can heal the many problems that we have in our lives and everybody can do this. And so really my mission is to help people to open up and realize that they have a lot more power over their lives than they think they do.”

The Expo is taking place in the Big Four Building at Stampede Park. It runs until Sunday. Thackray, author of several metaphysical books, will be speaking Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night’s session is Manifesting Abundance Workshop, Saturday it is Spiritual Journeys — Mediumship & Healing Demonstration, John of God, and Sunday it is Become a Medium & Healing Channel Workshop. John of God is a well-known healer in Brazil.

For more information about the Expo, visit http://www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com.

Thackray, who is originally from England but now makes Los Angeles home, has a mission to help people experience alignment with the Divine Source (God) and to bring this powerful energy into their own lives.

She teaches Reiki, mediumship and animal communication and other ways to develop people’s psychic senses.

Thackray is also the host of the documentary series “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys,” interviewing spiritual leaders and experiencing places of supernatural significance. Travelling the world, Gail leads groups to see John of God in Brazil as well as other spiritual adventures.

“Definitely people are becoming more spiritual,” says Thackray. “We are connected to a higher supreme being. When things are more difficult in our lives, people start looking within and saying ‘the things outside are not working anymore. How can I help myself?’ And I think when people do get more connected themselves and with their spirituality, they can find solutions to many of our problems.

“I think all illnesses that we have, whether it’s emotional or whether it’s physical, is kind of a negative that is attracted around us and we can actually heal ourselves. And many people do this with faith. They just pray to God or Jesus or whatever they believe. And you know that works.”

But most people find it difficult to believe.

“I do believe there’s kind of an invisible spiritual world out there and we can get help and that everything we have in our lives, whether it’s physical ailments or whether it’s financial stress or some emotional problem we have, basically it’s just energy and things we’ve attracted around ourselves. We can combat. We can dissolve that,” she says

Read more: Calgary Herald

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Livan! At The El Rey Theater Tonight!!!

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 7, 2013


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