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  • June 2023
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LCO- Levine Communications Office is a world-class global public relations and marketing company that connects audiences with our clients. LCO is dedicated to providing our clients with inspired representation that enriches their business and their lives. We want to make our services readily available to you. Please feel free to fill out the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Ray Coen said

    Michael, I was in the audience at Carroll & Co. Monday evening.

    Ah, the perspective that comes with maturity, versus the certainty that comes with youth. (I’ve been around a while, too.)

    Ray Coen

  2. Hello—
    l am have difficulty in media, public relations, and getting the actual contracts from a publisher, and,or becoming hired at the United Nations, stationed in Geneva. Why?
    A nasty conspiracy hit hard, and left ruins in my family estate matters.
    Please contact me immediately for a dinner meeting to discuss what to do herewith.
    I am also a actively a National Notary Association notary signing agent, a New York notary public and formerly an New York Life and Health insurance agent.
    Thank you very much.

    Warmest regards,

    Ellen Joyce Katzen

    • Ellen Joyce said

      Hi James Levine:

      Please let’s remove ourselves from the paparazzi approach in their sabotage of our work, or labor; however, let’s enjoy a better encounter with more productive experiences with friends and associates in your favorite City and the world.

      Thank you very much.

      Ellen Joyce Katzen

  3. Starr Cullars said

    Congratulations To My Diva-Friend MS LEE RUNCHEY…The New Vice-President At LCO!

    Peace & Luv
    Starr Cullars!

  4. E.J.K. said

    April 2, 2013


    Hello Levine,

    I have issues today about J.J.Levine and his pretty acquaintance “Carol,” at Food Emporium in Manhattan, NY on Eighth Avenue. Since you, Levine Communications, apparently, are next of kin….please escort them elsewhere, or , expect habeas corpus actions to him and his family for such reported controversial, sexual transgressions and gross misconducts in laws.

    E.J. K.

  5. Ulrika said

    At the same location, almost like a Circus act, the lovely couplem or friendly duo probably need your “help.”

    Also please disregard prior communication launched publicly to the internet.


    • Ulrika said

      The agenda today would be to correct some of the hacked typo- messages.

      And, try a little harder to come around to see the reality of what had been discussed as “Freakonomics,” the motion picture development, without permissions yet. Otherwise, face the consequences!


      Ulrika today!

  6. "Body" Magazines said

    May 14, 2013

    Dear Mr. Levine,

    Communications are definitely human rights. Unfortunately, it appears to be another year missing the “main event,” right now, CANNES 2013.

    Fifty, or more tickets had been suggested for the actors, producers, persons involved in making movies happen at “Body,” or, even connected to “Unhappy Cat Productions Corp.” however, a casting coordinator had prevented getting there on time.

    By the way, I found the motion picture orchestrations phenomenal, and the compositions potentially interesting for viewership in the major studios.


    Yours faithfully,

    Ellen Joyce (Katzen)

  7. I not speak English very well..I am Italian mum,and my loser is 97kg .I am fat.and now I want to be 67 kg.help me!do you have a diet for me ?do you speak Italian?thank You Mark.

  8. Michael: I watched with intrigue as you were interviewed tonight on CNN….your longterm friendship with Robbin Williams and your insight in to his infamous obsession with energy and compassion leading to a burst of laughter at every turn was trademark. Yours is identifying superstars and taking them to the top with your PR firm. Your friend, Steve Thomas, Pres Landnet Ventures, Scottsdale, Az

  9. Ian said

    I have been searching for the last couple of weeks of anybody with a copy of a book I believe you wrote (unless it is another Michael Levine) and it seems to me the best way to even have a chance of finding the book is through you, presumably the author.

    The book I am looking for is “Your Singing Fisherman” published in 1982 by Vantage Press Inc and centered on the outstanding country singer Johnny Horton.

    Please if I am right and you are the one who wrote this book would you be able to point me in the right direction to find copy for sale of even allow me to purchase a transcript of the book from you directly (or a copy of the book if you have any spares just laying around)?

    Thank you for your time and since it is the season may you and all those at LOC have a merry Christmas.

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