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Egyptian Entertainment interviews Dick Zimmerman

Posted by Levine Communications Office on May 13, 2011

Egyptian Entertainment’s interview with Dick Zimmerman

EE: What inspired you start creating masterpiece portraits for elites around the world?

Dick Zimmerman: By turning some of my favorite iconic celebrity photographs into refined oil paintings.

Continue Reading At – http://egyptianmanentertainmentgroup.com/interview-world-renowned-artist-dick-zimmerman/

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Paul Stanley: Rocker, Artist and Patriot

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 20, 2010

He’s an artist, a patriot and a proud papa. But did you know that the lead guitarist of the iconic rock band Kiss was an accomplished artist? LCO Client Paul Stanley chatted with KNBC this past weekend to discuss his passion for art, his passions at home and his driving force: his family.

CLICK HERE to see the video.

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Doonby Star Pays Tribute to a Legend

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 15, 2010

Crooner and Doonby (doonbythemovie.com) star Robert Davi proved his vocal chops (who knew) when he covered Frank Sinatra during the encore of his performance in the Phil Ramone-produced musical “Lanza”.  Now Davi takes it to the next level with an all out tribute to “Ol’ Blue Eyes” on January 15 in his show ” Davi Sings Sinatra: A tribute to Frank Sinatra, the Great American Songbook, and America” at the Thousand Oaks Performance Arts Center in Los Angeles, CA.

From davisingssinantra.com

“Davi will bring to life his love letter to Sinatra and The Great American Songbook – composed by many of America’s greatest songwriters and lyricists.   Sinatra, he believes, is the greatest singing genius that America has ever produced and the songs he sang represent nothing less than the “Shakespeare of America.” The Great American Songbook – composed in the early to mid 20th century – crossed and continues to cross all cultural boundaries. And why? They touch the heart and move the soul; they can bring you to tears; and they can make you swing.  The American Songbook, in fact, is one of the reasons why the world fell in love with America and Sinatra is its definitive interpreter.”

Davi will continue to get his “croon” on when he releases his upcoming album “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance” set to release in Spring 2011.

For details on his upcoming performance, visit davisingssinantra.com.  And be on the look out for Robert Davi in Doonby (doonbythemovie.com ) set for release in Spring 2011.

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Passion – Focus – Results

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 6, 2010

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LCO Takes a Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Cleveland Show’

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 2, 2010

At LCO, our publicists make sure to get involved with the work of their clients, which means some behind-the-scenes action! One of LCO’s best publicists, Joni Rubin, was able to take a look at the artwork of Family Guy director artist, Joseph Lee. Joni is the publicist for The Cleveland Show’s Kevin Michael Richardson.

Rubin was being given a tour of the Family Guy and Cleveland Show‘s incredible production facilities and was able to view Lee’s art in Cleveland Show director, Mike Henry’s office. Joni instantly became a huge fan of the artwork, and can’t wait to own her own Joseph Lee piece.

Check out this Joseph Lee illustration from the Cleveland Show-one of Rubin’s favorites!

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Experience AFRIKA

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 21, 2010

Gloria Huwiler

On September 25th, Audis Husar Fine Art gallery will present the show Afrika, with artwork from the Anajuwa Collection. The exhibit will feature, southern African artists, Lutanda Mwamba, Mwamba Mulangala, Enock Illunga, Vincentio Phiri, Style Kunda and various tribal artifacts.  The show will also feature a screening of the film “We Live in Public,” directed by Ondi Timoner, winner of the Grand jury documentary prize at the Sundance Film festival in 2009. Proceeds from the exhibit will benefit the Pilot Light Foundation, a charity dedicated to support humanitarian work in Africa. Audis Husar Fine Art is both a traditional fine art gallery as well as collaborative exhibition space for established and emerging artists and filmmakers from around the globe.

The Anajuwa collection was recently created to showcase contemporary African art. Working with local artists based in Africa, the Anajuwa organizes regular showings and exhibitions of the innovative work still relatively unknown to the Los Angeles art world. Contemporary African art, while rich in content, remains a new and growing field, with endless hybrid influences. Often beyond current classification, contemporary work shatters conventional barriers, as the borders between modern and traditional styles become increasingly vague. Created by LCO Client, Gloria Huwiler, the Anajuwa collection was formed to provide greater access to African Art, in this still untapped field. The purpose of the collection is to support African ingenuity and Anajuwa is honored to work the Pilot Life Foundation to improve the lives of people at risk in Africa.

The opening of Afrika will take place at the Audis Husar gallery, between 6 pm and 9:30 pm on September 25th, and the exhibit will run for two months. The screening of the film “We live in public” will be followed by a question and answer session by the director. Please visit www.pilotlifefund.org to RSVP for the screening. For further information on Audis Husar gallery and the Anajuwa collection, visit www.audishusar.com and  www.anajuwagallery.com .

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The Nature of Public Relations

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 14, 2010

I’m often asked whether public relations is a science or an art. That’s a valid question. In science, two plus two equals four. It will always equal four whether added by a Republican from Iowa, a shaman from New Guinea, or an alien from Planet X. However, in public relations, two plus two may equal four. It may equal five. It may equal zero today and fifty tomorrow.

Public relations is an art.

Like an art, there are rules of form, proven techniques, and standards of excellence. But, overall, it’s a mercurial enterprise, where instinct is as legitimate as convention.

Public relations was once defined as the ability to provide the answers before the public knows enough to ask the questions. Another P.R. pundit once stated, “We don’t persuade people. We simply offer them reasons to persuade themselves.” I define what I do as gift-wrapping. If you package a bracelet in a Tiffany box, it will have a higher perceived value than if presented in a K Mart box. Same bracelet, different perception.

Excerpt from Chapter 1 (pg. 10) of the world’s most widely used and seminal introduction to public relations, “Guerrilla P.R. 2.0: Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign without Going Broke” by Michael Levine, America’s premier media expert and best-selling author.

Purchase your own copy of “Guerrilla P.R. 2.0” by clicking HERE

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Michael Levine Gets Bronzed

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 13, 2010

Sculptor Victor Issa is known for his unique ability to shape bronze into extremely lifelike figures. He has been sculpting for nearly twenty years and his works have been featured in exhibitions since 1985. Although it has been about two years since updating his newsletter “Creating Living Bronze”, Issa has been busy and productive creating these wonderful works of art that he is best known for. This past year, Issa worked with the Levine Communications Office founder, Michael Levine in creating a bronze portrait bust of him. Michael Levine is featured in Volume 12, Issue 1 of “Creating Living Bronze” as seen below.

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‘KISS’ Front Man Paul Stanley Rocks Art World

Posted by Levine Communications Office on July 23, 2010

“KISS front man Paul Stanley may want to rock and roll and party everyday… but you what you may not know about this rocker is that he is an accomplished artist as well.”

"As soon as I put something up in my house everybody would want to know who did it - that was a revelation to me. If once again I follow something I love doing, it seems to follow suit that somebody else likes it." - Paul Stanley

To continue reading the full article about Paul Stanley’s artwork by CBS, please click HERE!

For more information on the artwork of Paul Stanley, click HERE!

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Art and Artifact Gala

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 12, 2010

On Thursday April 15, 2010 there will be a special art and artifact gala reception showcasing the work of the Frank Worth Collection.  It has been deemed “the most extraordinary collection of its kind in the past 50 years”. For those lucky enough to attend this event there will be a silent auction to bid on hand signed works from Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Wagner and more.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A variety of wines and hors d’oeuvres to be served

6:30 pm –  Take in the View

Doors open – the collection is unveiled!
7:45 pm –  Join the Conversation

Norman Solomon, owner of Art & Artifact, will be happy to share his unique insight into the extraordinary background of the Frank Worth collection and discuss its historical importance and value.

SPECIAL GIFT: As a token of our appreciation for joining us

We are offering you, our VIP guest, a special complimentary gift of your choice of one of six of our most iconic Frank Worth ‘Classic Hollywood’ lithographs, each valued at $85.

SPECIAL EVENT: Silent Auction!

In an unprecedented collecting opportunity, hand signed works from Elizabeth Taylor,  Robert Wagner and more will be presented and available to the highest bidder.

Absent Bids to be accepted. Please contact us to  place your  bid.

PLEASE RSVP by April 10
click here to RSVP

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Linda Dzhema

Art & Artifact
410 North La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles , California 90048

Join us on Facebook to hear of upcoming events and specials!

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