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How to Protect Your Children from Online Predators

Posted by Levine Communications Office on May 13, 2013

By: Kim Garst


The web has such amazing opportunities for our children and families, doesn’t it? Who would have guessed when we were all growing up that there would be something as amazing as social media, which is way cooler than growing up with your own phone line in your bedroom, right?

But with the power to connect with the people we love comes some risks that are important to understand in order to protect our families.

Where are your kids online? It used to be that we just needed to know where our children were physically; if they were at home, whether they were safe, where they were going.

It’s not that different online. It’s important to know where your children are online every bit as much as where they are physically.

Depending on your children’s ages, they might be using sites like Giant Hello, Club Penguin or Webkinz which are social sites designed for kids, without the age restrictions of sites like Facebook. Each of these sites have different kinds of verification methods that ensure parents are aware of their children signing up, along with methods to make sure that your children can only connect with people they know.

In either case, it’s important that children learn great social media habits right out the gate, and this is a conversation that you can begin at any age; the sooner the better!

Post Appropriately. Teach your children that everything they post should be treated as viewable by anyone, anywhere, and that they should not post private information publicly.

Children don’t always know where the line between private and public is, so you need to be involved! Especially with younger children, let them know that the privilege of social media access comes with oversight from you.

Like many kinds of freedom, social sharing freedom is going to come gradually as they grow older and demonstrate their ability to handle this newfound freedom.


Read the full article at GalTime.com

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Kim Garst: How To Protect Your Kids From Cyber Bullying

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 5, 2013

By: Susan Carraretto Kim Garst

Has your child ever been bullied online? Have they engaged in cyber bullying? Or would you even know?

Studies are saying there’s a 50% chance they have. Recent reports claim that half of adolescents and teens have been bullied and/or engaged in cyber bullying.

Susan talks with Kim Garst from Boom Social about these shockingly high rates of cyber bullying and how parents can help protect their children from cyber bullies.

When you watch the interview below, you’ll hear Kim’s insights into

  1. The number one thing parents can do to prevent cyber bullying
  2. How to best communicate with your children about online etiquette and bullies online
  3. The importance of monitoring your child’s online activity and how best to do so without being too intrusive
  4. Teaching your kids to think about their online postings and its effect on others and potentially themselves (as it pertains to getting into college or securing a job)
  5. What to do if your child is indeed a victim of cyber bullying and the appropriate steps to take with school administrators, other parents and even law enforcement

Watch the interview here.

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LCO clients, Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen are honored as ‘Celebrity Mama – and Papa – of the Month’

Posted by Levine Communications Office on June 18, 2010

Celebrity couple, Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen from the Real Housewives of NYC have been selected as ‘Celebrity Mama – and Papa – of the Month‘ on Mamaista.com.

The couple shares how their life has changed since having children as well as information on their new book, Little Kids, Big City.

“Infused with the same humor and straight-shooting style that’s catapulted this Real Housewife to center stage, Little Kids, Big City is an honest, no-holds-barred look at the journey of parenting sons Francois, 6, and Jonah, 4.”

Click HERE to read the article in full.

Click HERE to be re-directed to buy their book, Little Kids, Big City on Amazon.com

For information on Alex and Simon’s book tour please visit: www.mccordvankempen.com

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Book signing tonight @theGrove

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 15, 2010

Barnes & Noble at The Grove


“Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen: Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen have inspired, infuriated, and entertained parents everywhere. Their new book, Little Kids, Big City, educates families dealing with the daunting task of raising children in an urban environment.”

Wednesday, April 14, 7:00 p.m.

Barnes & Noble at The Grove, 189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles,

(323) 525-0270.

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