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Alan Au: How to Dress a Male Body With a Short Torso

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 16, 2013

By Alan Au

Alan Au eHow

One of the most important things you need to take into consideration when dressing a male body is the size of the torso in question. Dress a male body with a short torso with help from a distinguished fashion professional in this free video clip.

Read more here

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Alan Au On Looking Good To Get The Position You Are Interviewing For

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 9, 2013


Alan Au

Did you know that the number of people over 45 have been

jobless for more than a year has quadrupled since 2007?

That means half of the jobless Americans are 45 plus.

So what do you do to look good and get the position you

are interviewing for? Alan Au, Jimmy Au’s for men 5’8”

and under, will talk about that today with us.

Hear the interview here.

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Q & A: John Carroll

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 12, 2013

By: Barbara Akowuah

For over 62 years , Beverly Hills based Carroll & Co. (www.carrollandco.com) has been dressing prestigious directors, producers, writers, and numerous actors. Carroll & Co. has custom-tailored clothing for Hollywood celebrities such as Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Rock Hudson, George Clooney, and Ryan Gosling to name a few. Examiner.com recently had the pleasure of speaking with legendary menswear connoisseur John Carroll about his storied career, red carpet trends, love of fashion, and more…

Q: Where did you grow up and what was it like there?

A: I was fortunate enough to grow up in Beverly Hills and attend Beverly Hills High School. Beverly Hills had its positives and negatives. Yes, there were the rich kids with the nice cars, but there were more middle class families like myself. Early on as a high school kid I took an interest in my father’s men’s store and worked throughout my high school years. It gave me a great foundation to begin my career.

Q: What are the wardrobe staples every man must have in his closet?

A: Every man should have a navy blue suit, a navy blazer, a pair of grey dress slacks, for the dress up times. A blue and black jean, one or two cashmere sweaters and a leather jacket for those more casual affairs. With these items, he’s set.

Q: What are some of your favorite pieces of the Carroll & Co collection?

A: Every piece of sportswear that we do from Luciano Barbera is a work of art.
Our Connaught Collection of Savile Row inspired clothing is a big hit. Meticulously tailored using the finest fabrics and very well priced. I love our classic navy blazer with scarlet red lining and our Carroll brass buttons. We do an Italian gabardine slack that is tailored and fits better than any slack I have ever seen. Cashmere sweatshirt from Scotland in 26 colors – a real winner. And for fun, our “cushy sock” has a following among our customers like no other item in the store. So soft and fluffy, you think you’re wearing a soft slipper.

Q: Describe John Carroll style in three words?

A: Stylish, Classic, Quality.

Read the rest of the Q&A at Examiner

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Do What You Love: The Men Who Dress Hollywood

Posted by Levine Communications Office on February 20, 2013

By: Jeanette Mulvey

jimmy and alan au

Ever dream about finding a way to do what you love for a living? In my “Do What You Love” column, I ask people who’ve done it to tell me their secrets. Here’s hoping they inspire you to do the same.

Jimmy Au’s For Men 5’8″ and Under is the nation’s leader and pioneer in the design and development of short men’s clothing. Founded in Au’s his car in Hawaii, Jimmy Au’s has now evolved into the largest short men’s clothing stored in the nation.

Jimmy Au’s has outfitted stars for major film and television projects over the last 20 years. Dressing everyone from Al Pacino to Dick Clark and  Michael J. Fox to Mel Brooks.

Alan Au, who now runs the business with his dad, tells BusinessNewsDaily how he ended up doing what he loves for a living and how you can, too.

BusinessNewsDaily: Explain you what you do for a living.

Alan Au: I offer shorter men a way to look as fashionable and stylish as their taller colleagues and friends by designing and developing a clothing collection exclusively for men under 5’8” and offering it at our retail store.

BND: How did you end up doing this for a living?

A.A.: I grew up in the business, literally. When I was born, my parents (Jimmy and Nora) only had a little retail shop and couldn’t afford a nanny, so I was in a play pen in the tailor shop at the back of the store. By the time I was in high school, I was a full-fledged band-geek and proud of it. I felt certain I was going to be a music major. All this time I continued to develop my skills as a disc jockey . But as I got close to graduating, my father reminded me to remain practical. At this point I was doing quite well as a DJ. During my sophomore year I decided to change majors and what always felt comfortable was fashion. There was only one thing I could do that incorporated fashion, business and music… fashion show production. I pretty much abandoned my family’s clothing business in pursuit of building my DJ business while in school. I eventually sold my DJ business and went back to my family’s clothing business full-time. I help in all aspects, in particular, the marketing and production development.  Fast forward to today. I now co-design the collection with my father. I continue to love dance music and DJ for the youth at my church in a charitable capacity. I know where my heart is with this thing my dad started almost by accident so many years ago. I plan to take this to another level and expand and grow, so shorter men everywhere will have a chance to wear clothes that are proportioned, fit and stylish.

Read the rest of the interview at BusinessNewsDaily

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Alan Au Advises Women on First Date Attire in SHEKNOWS.COM

Posted by Levine Communications Office on February 5, 2013

ImageWritten by:Elizabeth Mitchell

“Anything too short or too low-cut says that you’re trying too hard and that you may be promiscuous, says Alan Au, VP of Jimmy Au’s For Men 5’8” And Under.”

Read the full article at SHEKNOWS.COM 

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Jimmy Au’s Featured in Investor’s Business Daily

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 14, 2010

LCO client and fashion pioneers Jimmy Au’s was featured in Investor’s Business Daily.  Alan Au, Client Relations Manager, talks about protecting you clients’ egos and making the most of their customer experience.

Jump to the article for more details.








Jimmy Au (left) and Alan Au (right) in front of their flagship store.

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Being “Small” is a Big Deal This Weekend: Small Business Saturday

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 24, 2010

By now you’re probably already getting your game plan together for navigating through the crowds to seek out the steals and deals this Black Friday. But save some of your energy (and some of your dollars) for a new shopping day this year….Small Business Saturday.

This year small businesses are taking a stand to get their share of the nearly $460 billion dollars Americans spend each year during the holidays. And they’re getting help from a “biggie” in the finance industry.  Credit card giant American Express is offering a $25 dollar credit to account holders if they make a purchase of $25 or more at a small independent business.  Since launching a successful campaign on Facebook, AmEx’s Small Business Saturday Page has already received over 800,000 likes in the past two weeks.  And the campaign doesn’t end with just the promotion of this event. AmEx is donating $1 for every “like” up to $1 million dollars to Girls Inc., a non-profit geared towards empowering young women. It’s a pretty ingenious move on AmEx’s part; they’ve utilized social media to start a movement to stimulate main street while supporting an organization that develops the future leaders (and business owners) of tomorrow.

Speaking of small businesses, there’s one independent store that makes small their specialty.  If you or the special man in your life is 5’8″ or under, then you definitely want to check out Jimmy Au’s, a pioneer in the development of fashion for short men. 

This operation is an example of what all small businesses strive to achieve; starting out in the back of car in 1961 to becoming the dominate leader in their fashion genre. And they’ve outfitted distinguished celebrity men such as Ed Asner, Michael J. Fox and Tom Cruise.  They make holiday shopping a breeze at jimmyaus.com (who wants to stand in lines anyway).  BUT if you’re in the Los Angeles area, this is definitely one store you should visit in person.

Jimmy Au’s

9408 Brighton Way

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

310-888-8708 or 877-JIMMY-AU

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Happy Birthday to LCO Client, Alex McCord!!

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 1, 2010

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The New Yorker Talks Short Men and Jimmy Au’s

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 28, 2010

Please enjoy this article from The New Yorker by Zachary Kanin featuring Jimmy Au’s:

“Short men in the United States are, some studies show, paid less than their taller peers. They are less likely to get hired for a job or receive a promotion, less likely to get elected President, and at a severe disadvantage in the height-obsessed world of dating. But perhaps the worst indignity is being forced to shop for clothes in the children’s department. The alternative is not much better—the standard adult dress shirt has so much excess fabric that, when a short man wears it tucked in, it creates the impression that he is wearing a diaper under his trousers.

While there are hundreds of stores in the United States specializing in clothes for “big and tall” men, there are very few designer-clothing stores for short men. One is the Beverly Hills clothier Jimmy Au’s, whose motto is “For Men 5′8″ and Under.” The proprietors of Jimmy Au’s were in town recently for their first East Coast trunk show, and they approached this magazine to request a “deskside” chat. Unlike the phoneside, e-mailside, or even fireside chat, a deskside is a face-to-face briefing during which a publicist (or his or her client) pitches a story to a journalist in an intimate setting.

On the day of the chat, a desk was not readily available, but a bare one was apprehended and spruced up with knickknacks, to give the impression of use. At the appointed hour, a miniature delegation arrived: Jimmy Au, the store’s designer and founder, and his son, Alan, the firm’s client-relations manager. They had brought along a surprise guest: Nora, Jimmy’s wife and Alan’s mother, as well as six plump garment bags. Jimmy, who is five feet two, wore a black pin-striped suit with a red tie and large seventies-style eyeglasses. Nora, who is five feet one, was dressed in white. Alan straddled a chair between his parents. At five feet six, he is the tallest member of the family. He wore a black pin-striped suit with a yellow tie. His hair had been gelled into stylish spikes that added an inch to his height. “There are more short men in Manhattan than in all of Southern California,” Alan said, explaining his family’s interest in New York. (Plans for a Manhattan-based Jimmy Au’s are in the works.)

Jimmy laid out the highlights of his fifty-year career: He arrived in the U.S. from Hong Kong in 1959 and began selling suits while a student at Church College of Hawaii. “The first day, I sold three suits and made sixty dollars,” he recalled. “That’s like working sixty hours in a cannery. I told myself, ‘This is it.’ ”

He started going door-to-door, selling custom-made suits. When he noticed that most of his customers were short men, he realized that he had found an untapped market. He quickly became the tailor to some of the most successful jockeys in the country. After marrying Nora, in 1971, he opened his first store, in Torrance, California, and then one in Arcadia, near the racetrack. In 2005, Alan oversaw a move to the store’s current location. There, Alan said, visitors find an atmosphere that caters to the short man in every way. “The store is scaled down,” he said. Ceilings are low, clothing racks are small, and the mannequins—made by a special-effects company—are five feet eight inches instead of the standard six feet.

“Even the chairs are made shorter,” Nora added.

The move to Beverly Hills reflected a shift in clientele, from jockeys to actors. Jimmy Au’s has provided wardrobe for more than fifty prime-time television shows in the past five years and, Alan said, for “multiple celebrities from ‘Ocean’s Thirteen.’ ” Asked to elaborate, he pointed out that it is touchy to name names in Hollywood.

“For example,” he said, “I can’t say, ‘Tom Cruise shops at our store.’ But I can say that his stylist comes in.” He went on, “I can’t say, ‘Danny DeVito shops in our store,’ but I can tell you that my dad goes to his house.”

“Is it O.K. to mention Scott Hamilton?” Jimmy asked. Alan said that it was.

“Scott Hamilton is one of my happiest customers,” Jimmy said.

Alan explained how to make a man look taller. “Proportion is the first trick,” he said. “Once a suit is proportioned, you can fool the eye other ways.” Stripes are essential, because they elongate. Tie clips and horizontal plaids are verboten. “Unless you’re Fred Astaire, or you’re going to some kind of dance-related thing, don’t do wild, crazy socks. Don’t bring the attention downward.”

Jimmy raised an index finger. “The most important is fit and the quality,” he said. Then, as Nora unzipped a garment bag, he sized up his five-foot-three-inch host.

Jimmy selected a tan sports coat that fit as if it had been tailored for the recipient.

“That’s really good,” Nora said, smoothing down the shoulders. “Now, you see the confidence?” ”

To read the article in its entirety, please click here.

Please visit the Jimmy Au’s website here.

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In True LCO Style…

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 28, 2010

At LCO we love to sport our team colors! Support the LCO team-your team,by wearing the LCO baseball cap. It is adjustable, comfortable, and embellished with the LCO logo. You can pick up an LCO hat now for only $6!

Stop by the LCO office in Beverly Hills to pick up your own hat!

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