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Interviews with current interns at LCO

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 6, 2013

Interview with LCO Intern, Brittney Weiskopf

Brittany Weiskopf


How long have you been an intern at LCO?

–      Two and a half months.

How’s your experience been?

–      Great! It’s been a good learning experience.

Was it tougher than you thought it would be? How so?

–      It was. I was given a lot more responsibility than I anticipated and we’re constantly busy.

What advice would you offer any intern considering coming to LCO?

–      Keep organized.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned being an intern at LCO?

–      Keeping organized.


Interview with Marina d’Orthez

Marina d'Orthez


Marina d’Orthez has quickly become an LCO superstar working in Michael’s Office. She was born in Capetown and raised in London.

Marina is trilingual, speaking English, French, and Afrikaans. She aspires to one day become a TV & Film producer. If you’d like to learn more about Marina, you can check out her website at www.marinadorthez.withtank.com.

How long have you been an intern at LCO?

–       4 weeks.

How are you enjoying the experience thus far?

–       Very much!

What do you enjoy about it?

–       I enjoy the fast pace- being on the go constantly; completing important tasks efficiently and professionally.

Is the intern experience different than you thought it would be?

–       I think so. I think I was expecting it to be a lot more hectic than it is.

Where were you born?

–       In Capetown, South Africa.

What advice would you offer to any people considering doing this internship?

–       Only do it if you’re committed to do it- don’t commit to do a half-assed job.


LCO Blog interview with Intern, Danielle Tummon

Danielle Tummon

Danielle Tummon is a fresh face to the LCO Office, working in the New Business realm. She is a 27 year old from Toronto, Canada. Danielle majored in fashion and has been dancing for 18 years.

So, today is your first day as an intern at LCO?

–       Correct.

How are you enjoying your experience thus far?

–       I’m enjoying it.

Was it different than you thought it would be?

–       I didn’t really know what to expect- but yes, it is a bit different than I anticipated.

How did you find this internship?

–       ­On Craigslist.

What made you choose this internship?

–       I researched LCO and it seemed like a great company.

What advice would you offer to someone considering to do an internship here?

–       Make sure you can devote all your attention to it!

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