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Interviews with current interns at LCO

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 6, 2013

Interview with LCO Intern, Brittney Weiskopf

Brittany Weiskopf


How long have you been an intern at LCO?

–      Two and a half months.

How’s your experience been?

–      Great! It’s been a good learning experience.

Was it tougher than you thought it would be? How so?

–      It was. I was given a lot more responsibility than I anticipated and we’re constantly busy.

What advice would you offer any intern considering coming to LCO?

–      Keep organized.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned being an intern at LCO?

–      Keeping organized.


Interview with Marina d’Orthez

Marina d'Orthez


Marina d’Orthez has quickly become an LCO superstar working in Michael’s Office. She was born in Capetown and raised in London.

Marina is trilingual, speaking English, French, and Afrikaans. She aspires to one day become a TV & Film producer. If you’d like to learn more about Marina, you can check out her website at www.marinadorthez.withtank.com.

How long have you been an intern at LCO?

–       4 weeks.

How are you enjoying the experience thus far?

–       Very much!

What do you enjoy about it?

–       I enjoy the fast pace- being on the go constantly; completing important tasks efficiently and professionally.

Is the intern experience different than you thought it would be?

–       I think so. I think I was expecting it to be a lot more hectic than it is.

Where were you born?

–       In Capetown, South Africa.

What advice would you offer to any people considering doing this internship?

–       Only do it if you’re committed to do it- don’t commit to do a half-assed job.


LCO Blog interview with Intern, Danielle Tummon

Danielle Tummon

Danielle Tummon is a fresh face to the LCO Office, working in the New Business realm. She is a 27 year old from Toronto, Canada. Danielle majored in fashion and has been dancing for 18 years.

So, today is your first day as an intern at LCO?

–       Correct.

How are you enjoying your experience thus far?

–       I’m enjoying it.

Was it different than you thought it would be?

–       I didn’t really know what to expect- but yes, it is a bit different than I anticipated.

How did you find this internship?

–       ­On Craigslist.

What made you choose this internship?

–       I researched LCO and it seemed like a great company.

What advice would you offer to someone considering to do an internship here?

–       Make sure you can devote all your attention to it!

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LCO VP of Client Services Zuzana Korda Catches Up With David Spade

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 13, 2012

IMG_20121212_140640 (2)

Yesterday, LCO VP Zuzana Korda and intern Yasmin Canino got the opportunity to catch up with actor/comedian David Spade in the company lobby.

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LCO needs YOU!

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 6, 2011

Levine Communications is offering Entertainment PR Internships!

We are a top entertainment PR firm with well over two decades of experience and a client roster consisting of some of the most powerful names and brands in Hollywood. We are seeking bright, new administrative interns to join our hardworking team.

Interns participate in an intense program working closely with our publicists and CEO. We ask that you come in 2-3 times a week for 3-4 months, but hours are flexible to accommodate varying schedules.

Duties include:

– filing of documents
– supporting a team of publicists
– corresponding through phone and email with clients
– answering and screening incoming calls
– make outgoing calls
– scheduling meetings
– coordinating events
– acting as a liaison between clients and the publicists
– supervising or supporting groups of other interns on various assigned projects

Interns must be:

– highly organized, professional, hard-working, flexible, and responsible
– knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel, social media, and Windows
– able to work well independently and in groups
– able to adapt to a high-paced, dynamic, and competitive work environment

We ask that all qualified and immediately available candidates send a cover letter and resume.

Please feel free to email us for more information on this posting. Please note that this internship is only open to candidates located in Los Angeles.

MUST be over the age of 18

Not limited to only students. This internship is available to anyone motivated to get started.
Hiring Organization: LCO PR

Levine Communications Office
1180 S. Beverly Dr., Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 300-0950 x230

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Father Cutie Heading to Daytime TV

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 25, 2011

LCO Client and New York Times Bestselling Author Father Alberto Cutie will be joining the likes of Dr. Phil,  Ellen and other daytime heavyweights on the talk show circuit.  He’s just landed his own nationally syndicated show that will focus on a variety of life issues.  The show will debut in test markets this summer.

Cutie told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’ll be everything from sex to salvation. Hopefully it’ll invite ‘greater dialog’ with the audience”, he added.

Father Cutie is a former Roman Catholic priest who left the faith after his conflicts with the religion and falling in love with Ruhama Canellis, whom he married in 2009.  In 2008 he left the Catholic faith and is now Episcopalian priest.

To learn more about Father Cutie and his new book Dilemma: A Priest’s Struggle with Faith and Love, visit padrealberto.com.  And follow him on Twitter @padrealberto



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A Good PR Consultant is Worth the Money

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 19, 2011

Luke Johnson, in a Financial Times article entitled, “A Good PR Consultant is Worth the Money,” writes about how companies can utilize public relations to promote their business. He points out that while nobody knows the company’s story better than the CEO, an outside consultant can often bring a fresh and objective perspective to a PR campaign.

If you would like to arrange a time to speak about how to get your story out to the media call (310) 300-0950 x230.


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LBN Dinner Club Event – January 25th

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 17, 2011

Join us on Wednesday January 25, 2011 for an exclusive LBN E-Lert Member’s Only Dinner @ Taste on Melrose.

Click the image below to sign up for the event.  Seating is limited and only available to LBN E-Lert Members.

Not a member?  Click here to subscribe to the LBN E-Lert Today!

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Monetization: Showing the “Real” Value of Publicity

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 12, 2011

LCO recently conducted training to educate our staff about the value of monetization and why it’s a PR best practice.  The term is more commonly used with regard to internet marketing, but in short it means to turn something into money.   In PR that “something ” is the exposure you get for your clients in print, TV and internet media.  Translating your client’s 3 minute TV interview or their 10 page magazine spread into dollars makes a HUGE impact with your clients and shows them exactly what that PR is worth.

We sat down with New Business Intern Gabe Tang to discuss what he took away from the training.  Check out what he has to say about monetization in the video below.

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Quote of the Day

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 11, 2011

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Ali Brown on KCAL 9

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 11, 2011

LCO Client and Self-made millionaire Ali Brown appeared on KCAL 9 to discuss the benefits of starting your own business how you can turn your passion into dollars!

Check out the video!

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Testimonal from Eco Chef Bryan Au Praising LCO on Our Work

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 11, 2011

We were delighted to receive this wonderful testimonial from LCO Client and Eco Chef Bryan Au.

Thank you Liam and Michael,

You are truly the BEST in the business and your staff is beyond AMAZING! It has been a pleasure and a joy for me to work with you and Lee and Barbara.  All of my hopes, dreams and goals are coming true thanks to your amazing work and professional = AMAZINGNESS!

All the best success in 2011!


Bryan, the feeling is very much mutual and we look forward to our relationship in the coming year and BEYOND!

Follow Bryan on Twitter @EcoChefBryanAu and check out his website rawintenminutes.com.


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