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The East Coast Gets a Taste of Jimmy Au’s

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 17, 2010

LCO Client, Jimmy Au’s For Men 5’8” And Under seems to have impressed the city of New York. The New Yorker recently did an exciting piece on Jimmy Au’s first trunk show on the east coast, perfectly portraying what the designer clothing is all about.

Short men in the United States are, some studies show, paid less than their taller peers. They are less likely to get hired for a job or receive a promotion, less likely to get elected President, and at a severe disadvantage in the height-obsessed world of dating. But perhaps the worst indignity is being forced to shop for clothes in the children’s department. The alternative is not much better—the standard adult dress shirt has so much excess fabric that, when a short man wears it tucked in, it creates the impression that he is wearing a diaper under his trousers.

While there are hundreds of stores in the United States specializing in clothes for “big and tall” men, there are very few designer-clothing stores for short men. One is the Beverly Hills clothier Jimmy Au’s, whose motto is “For Men 5′8″ and Under.” The proprietors of Jimmy Au’s were in town recently for their first East Coast trunk show, and they approached this magazine to request a “deskside” chat. Unlike the phoneside, e-mailside, or even fireside chat, a deskside is a face-to-face briefing during which a publicist (or his or her client) pitches a story to a journalist in an intimate setting.

To read the article in full, click HERE

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Short Men Can Be Tall Too

Posted by Levine Communications Office on July 14, 2010

Dissatisfaction with one’s own body image is a continuous occurrence in our world today. Do you think that you are too tall? Or too fat? Is your hair too curly? Are your hips too wide? Is your nose too big? Do you think that you are too short? Or your teeth are too crooked? Whether it regards height, weight, hair hips, teeth, or face, any fix is appealing to those who suffer. Lately, it seems as though each is being dealt with one by one.

A specific case that may catch your eye is that of LCO Client, Jimmy Au, and his successful creation of designer clothing for shorter men. Jimmy Au’s for Men 5’8″ and Under is based out of Beverly Hills, CA and has actually begun a somewhat revolutionary movement being the nation’s only short men’s designer clothing store. As a matter of fact, congratulation is in order because Jimmy Au’s will be heading to NYC for its first ever East Coast trunk and road show during Men’s Fashion Week.

Jimmy Au’s stands by the statement, “We can’t make a man taller, but we can make him look taller”. They realize exactly how powerful perceived height is with boosting self-esteem, building confidence, and allowing others to see the man for who he really is. Because of this, Jimmy Au’s for Men 5’8″ and Under is once again being honored by MR magazine at their Uptown Downtown Awards Reunion Banquet and is also listed on the Forbes Top Ten Clothing Stores for Men.

If anyone is in the NYC area and wishes to attend the trunk and road show, we are happy to provide any necessary information below.


Monday – Wednesday, July 19-21, 2010

Location: Double Tree Hotel

128 W. 29th Street, New York, NY

Call (310) 888-8708 to make an appointment and reserve your place at the show.

For more information, visit www.jimmyaus.com

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