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Where Have All the Rock Stars Gone?

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 15, 2013

Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years Book and Official DVD Documentary


Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper…You all know what follows when articles begin like that. Yes, Randy Rhoads was another one in a too-long line of musical giants whose careers got nipped tragically in the bud, killed the lot of them in fiery plane crashes. Rhoads was a great heavy rock guitarist, a wonderfully idiosyncratic, dramatic and way influential one at that. His early life, and death during a tour as lead ax man for Ozzy Osbourne in 1982, is portrayed in loving detail in Ron Sobol’s recent Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years Book and Official DVD Documentary. The book is, fittingly, a vinyl-album-sized photo journal-type experience filled to brimming with longtime Rhoads confidante Sobel’s previously unpublished photos and memorabilia, which map out Rhoads’ rise to the pantheon reserved for the mightiest of ax gods, focusing on his hungry early days with Quiet Riot before his ascent (or descent) to the heady, dangerous heights of the Ozzy years. It’s that caring detail the book generously provides that makes it such a nice thing to have in your hands; it’s just plain beautiful to look at, too. The 90-minute documentary DVD that accompanies this warmhearted tribute is a fast-paced, energetic delight, featuring beautifully restored and digitally enhanced live performance reels and insightful interviews with Randy’s friends and colleagues, along with perceptive commentary by Sobel in voiceover. The doc too is a deeply touching time and place in which to immerse, especially moving in its intimate look at Rhoads’ seesawing but steadfast friendship with his Quiet Riot mate Kevin DuBrow. Fact is, you wouldn’t even need to have been a fan of Randy Rhoads to get a lot out this book and DVD, as taken all together they’re a valuable glimpse at a genuine piece of pop culture history, bringing to life an olden, golden age when the stakes were high and our rockers reached for the stars.
–– John Payne

Book and DVD available for purchase at www.redmatchproductions.com


Read the article at Bluefat


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Eldebrock Releases Highly-Anticipated New Album

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 16, 2010

(VANCOUVER, BC) September 14, 2010 – Western Canadian rockers Eldebrock (www.Eldebrock.net) have released Eldebrock, their new, self-titled album that features the single Release Me. The album is mixed by industry heavyweight Michael Wagener and produced by Ryan Andersen.

Wagener, whose works have sold more than 92 million albums worldwide, has worked on some of rock’s most respected albums including Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Skid Row’s self-titled debut and Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tears.  Credits for Andersen include Nickelback’s The Long Road and All the Right Reasons.

Eldebrock is clearing a path alongside other current top Canadian rock bands Nickelback, Three Days Grace and Theory of a Deadman.

“This album is very much looking forward in time, creating its own niche, very solid musicianship, great songs, great performance and great sound,” Wagener says.

“Eldebrock’s sound is a combination of layered guitars and vocal harmonies in the style of Alice in Chains, driving rhythm a’ la Godsmack and lead guitar influenced by Slash and Zakk Wylde,” says rhythm guitarist and founding member Del Bannerman.

For Del, it took some devastating events to trigger a complete life change.  His beloved mother was killed in a car crash, his only sibling went missing and was added to the Canada-wide Missing Persons List, and shortly after a great night jamming with actor Brad Renfro, the actor unexpectedly passed.  That’s when Del decided life was too short to spend doing something he didn’t love doing and he started pursuing his passion for music.

“Major events can shape your life and I knew I wasn’t leading the life I wanted,” Del explains.  “Yeah, I’ve been through some crazy times, who hasn’t, and actually my time here has been pretty damn good, but it was enough for me to re-evaluate what I was doing with my life.  It’s all about choices.  I decided I was going to start a rock band, put out a solid album with some great musicians and try to make a positive impact.”

Earlier this year, the band decided to give back in a big way and reach out globally by partnering with the UICC – International Union Against Cancer (www.uicc.org), the leading, non-governmental organization in Geneva that is dedicated to the global prevention and control of cancer.  The band created the campaign, World War on Cancer, and has committed $1 per album (.10 cents per song sold) to support the fight against cancer.

Eldebrock also just signed an endorsement deal with Steve Clayton Guitar Picks.

Eldebrock is Jay Wegenast (Lead vocals/guitar), Barrett Moore (Lead guitar/vocals), Del Bannerman (Rhythm guitar), Richard Lalonde (Bass) and Shawn Bannerman (Drums).

Visit Eldebrock’s award-winning website at www.eldebrock.net and sign up to the Eldebrock Chronicle newsletter get the latest news from the band.  Eldebrock, the album, is available at www.eldebrockshop.com or on iTunes.  The physical copy of the album also includes a 24-page booklet with images from their award-winning website.

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