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Schwarzenegger’s New Gig?

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 3, 2011

As gubernatorial power changes hands today in California (Jerry Brown returns to serve a 3rd term), many are wondering what’s next for the body-builder turned actor turned politician Arnold Schwarenegger.  Well, he’s currently sorting trough all types of offers from Hollywood and the literary but doesn’t quite have his next steps mapped out.  I guess he joins the other 9.8% of American’s out of work right now.  Check out the article below.

From the Associated Press

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is sifting through a stack of corporate, Hollywood and real estate offers as the celebrity politician nears an inevitable career crossroad: On Monday, he’s out of a job.

His next act? After seven years in Sacramento, the former strongman and film star will by his own account hit the speech circuit, keep a hand in political activism and possibly write the autobiography that publishers have wanted him to do for years.  Schwarzenegger says he even might get back into acting if the right script comes along — presumably one appropriate for a 63-year-old father of four with political baggage, advancing age lines and a tinge of gray.

“Will I still have the patience to sit on the set and to do a movie for three months or for six months, all of those things? I don’t know,” the governor tweeted in October in a rare exchange about his future plans.

Spokesman Aaron McLear says Schwarzenegger is sorting out “an absolute flood of every conceivable offer” from the corporate world, real estate ventures and the entertainment industry, but the governor insists he won’t make any decisions until after he surrenders the office to his successor, Democrat Jerry Brown.

“I don’t have a plan,” Schwarzenegger told hundreds of supporters and staffers at a private farewell party in Sacramento last month.

He was less guarded in October when, along with plans for speeches and a book or two, he hinted broadly at a continuing role with the environment and political reform, issues that have become part of his mixed legacy at the statehouse.

In the absence of a global climate-change treaty, Schwarzenegger has urged state and regional governments around the world to address greenhouse gases. This month California regulators approved the nation’s most extensive system giving major polluters financial incentives to discharge fewer greenhouse gases, a key piece of a 2006 climate law championed by the governor.

“There are a lot of important things that I want to say,” Schwarzenegger tweeted. “My struggle for reform will continue, my belief in environmental issues and in protecting the environment will continue.”

One thing is certain: The multimillionaire Schwarzenegger will start earning money, after passing up his $174,000 salary throughout his two terms. His time in office left the governor with plenty of political welts, but the biggest hit was on his own wallet.

State records show Schwarzenegger dumped at least $25 million in direct and indirect payments into two campaigns for governor and other political ventures since 2001, no small sum even for an actor who once commanded $30 million a movie.

That doesn’t include travel costs. He often commuted from Los Angeles to Sacramento several times a week in a private jet at his own expense. He, wife Maria Shriver and his children never moved to Sacramento, preferring their secluded canyon estate a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.

His assets have been held in a private trust since he took office in 2003, but he can return to managing his portfolio, deep in real estate holdings, after stepping down.

His Hollywood future will be the subject of endless speculation. Hollywood insiders say he could take a role as producer or director, but don’t look for him to reappear as a hulking screen hero swinging an automatic weapon.

“He’s a wealthy and clever man. Wealthy and clever men have lots of possibilities,” said longtime Hollywood publicist Michael Levine (Founder of Levine Communications Office), who has represented Academy Award winners such as Charlton Heston and Jon Voight.

But the messy work of politics “tarnished his superhero persona,” Levine says. “He can get into anything that doesn’t involve politics or acting.”

One way to understand the governor’s future is to look at his past.

Schwarzenegger rarely leaves anything behind. He might have spent years bickering over budget deficits and public pensions in Sacramento, but he maintained strong ties in the sports world and entertainment industry.

He has staged sports and fitness events in Ohio since 1989, and even while in office he made cameo appearances in films, most recently in friend Sylvester Stallone’s action flick, “The Expendables.”

Some of his Hollywood friends were on hand at his exit party, giving a peek into the private life to which he returns in January — Stallone, Tom Arnold, Jay Leno and Danny DeVito.

Schwarzenegger long ago tamped down the showy lifestyle of his glory days in Hollywood — his gas-swilling Hummers now run on clean fuels. Wild nights? In his spare time he likes to work out and dote on his kids.

He says a fun night can be watching a movie at home or going out to dinner with the family, although he gets out for an occasional motorcycle ride around Los Angeles.

The seven-time Mr. Olympia appears robust despite a string of medical problems: He had a heart valve replaced in 1997, a 2001 motorcycle crash left him with several broken ribs, he had rotator cuff surgery in 2003, went to a hospital complaining of a rapid heartbeat in 2005, and broke an upper thigh bone while skiing in 2006.

He’s acknowledged using steroids in his bodybuilding days, before they became illegal without a prescription, but it’s unknown whether the drugs that can cause heart problems have had anything to do with any of his health issues.

Schwarzenegger and his wife are known for charitable work, which is expected to continue, and he also founded a committee with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to encourage road, bridge and other infrastructure development.

Another run for political office appears unlikely. The moderate Republican will leave Sacramento unpopular with state voters, and he has often noted how his wife never wanted him to enter politics. He often sounds dismayed at the dysfunction within the Legislature.

In a way, he doesn’t need to. If he chooses, Schwarzenegger and his circle of wealthy friends can finance ballot proposals that can reshape state politics.

Shriver, for her part, has chafed at questions about her future.

A power in her own right during Schwarzenegger’s term, the 54-year-old former TV journalist is best known for running an annual women’s conference that attracted a long list of business, political and entertainment luminaries, along with an audience of thousands.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver each declined interview requests from The Associated Press.

In 2007, Shriver, a member of the Kennedy political dynasty, said she wouldn’t resume a TV news career after the media circus surrounding Anna Nicole Smith’s accidental drug overdose. “It was then that I knew that the TV news business had changed and so had I,” she said at the time. In a 2009 interview with AP, she said “I’m too much of a free spirit” to consider running for elective office.

As with Schwarzenegger, she’s being approached by businesses and nonprofits with ideas for the future. She has a strong interest in Alzheimer’s disease, which afflicts her father, R. Sargent Shriver, a 1972 vice presidential candidate. Her late mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founded the Special Olympics, where Maria Shriver serves on the board. She’s made documentaries, including on Alzheimer’s.

“I love the possibility that good journalism can inspire people and educate people if done well. I think there are many opportunities to do certain forms of journalism,” she said in 2008.

Could Shriver become another Oprah Winfrey? Establish a women’s conference as a private venture? Turn back to journalism?

What’s next?

“I have no idea,” she told reporters last week.

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Dave Vescio is Taking the Media by Storm

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 21, 2010

Leading man and LCO Client Dave Vescio is taking the media by storm appearing in several publications this month (and the month isn’t even over yet??)

Dave sat down with Exclusive Magazine, TOMI Magazine, and Geekadelphia to discuss his upcoming role in the Sci-fi thriller “Gemini Rising” (2011).  He also discussed the career risk he took in moving from journalism to acting.  His transition was emotionally motivated.

When recalling his military upbringing (his father was a fighter pilot in the air force) the actor who is also a veteran told TOMI Magazine, “ I joined the Army when I was 18.  I realized Wow I’m not really feeling the emotions of life that these characters in these stories are feeling in front of me.”

And he wasn’t content in hiding those emotions any longer.  Journalism called for him to impartial, stoic even.  He continued by saying, “I just wanted to truly feel life.  All the careers I had up until that point, I just can’t, you know?  In the military you can’t.  In photography you can’t.”

But now with over a dozen Sci-fi roles and nearly 50 appearances under his belt, its pretty safe to say that Dave has finally found his stride.  He can outwardly embrace his emotions and put them into the stories that he tells and the characters he portrays.

Check out these great in-depth articles about this extraordinary talent.  Dave Vescio is definitely one to watch in 2011.

Exclusive Magazine :  “The Ultimate Rising Star”

TOMI Magazine:  “Reinventing Yourself” (on page 42)

Geekadelphia –  Philadelphia’s Premiere Geek Blog:  “An Interview with Dave Vescio of Gemini Rising”


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Paul Stanley on NBC Tonight

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 15, 2010

Don’t forget to tune into KNBC tonight @ 11pm PST to watch Paul Stanley of the iconic rock band Kiss.  Paul talks about his art, his philanthropic efforts and why family is always first. He’ll also be on KNBC TV “Prime Time LA” with host Colleen Williams on Sunday at 9 pm PST following the football game.


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Jimmy Au’s Featured in Investor’s Business Daily

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 14, 2010

LCO client and fashion pioneers Jimmy Au’s was featured in Investor’s Business Daily.  Alan Au, Client Relations Manager, talks about protecting you clients’ egos and making the most of their customer experience.

Jump to the article for more details.








Jimmy Au (left) and Alan Au (right) in front of their flagship store.

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Two Interns, Two Stories, Day One

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 13, 2010

We caught up with two of our new interns to discuss their first day.  They share their hopes, their anxieties, and how they think they’ll do at LCO.  Check out what they have to say.  Click the pictures to jump to their videos.




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PR Specialist Named One of the Best Careers for 2011

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 6, 2010

In an article released today, US News and World Report  listed “Public Relations Specialist” as one of the best careers for 2011.  With a projected growth of 24% (or 66,000 jobs) over the next 8 years, this field has one of the best outlooks and opportunity for advancement. 

It’s also a career where being a “brand” is just as important as the brands you represent.

In the article, Public Relations Society of America 2011 Chair and CEO Gary McCormick states, “You really determine your own career and your own path because you become a subject matter expert in an area, you become a consultant, and the better you are, you individually can move, even if you go into an agency.”

Having a background and training in communications and journalism are some of the avenues that can lead you to a career in Public Relations.  But with this field (or any field for that matter) EXPERIENCE is key.  And if you’re interested in a career in PR and think you have what it takes to become a “brand” in this industry, then apply for the Levine Communications Office Internship Program.

LCO’s intern program is one of the longest running in North America, with over 4,000 graduates. LCO interns have gone on to hold top jobs throughout the entertainment industry, and the program itself has been praised by such prominent names as Joseph Leiberman, Michael Bloomberg, David Geffen, George Bush, John McCain and Bill Clinton.

The LCO internship is not your “fetch coffee” and “make copies” average intern experience.   Here at LCO you’ll get real-world hands-on experience working with our publicists on projects with high-profile, celebrity clients. 

Are you ready to embark on that new career in Public Relations?  Then click here for more details on the LCO Internship Program

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Family Guy’s Take on Being a Publicist

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 1, 2010

Take a look at this HILARIOUS new episode of “Family Guy” where Stewie “reps” Brian for his upcoming book release. Funny because it’s funny or funny because its true???  Check it out.

Click here for the video



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Michael Levine Sits Down with Los Angeles Business Journal

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 23, 2010

This week, president and founder of Levine Communications Office, Michael Levine, sat down with Joel Russell of the Los Angeles Business Journal.  Michael provided and in-depth look as his start in the business, his rise to PR superstardom and what he really thinks of “celebrity” today.  He also discusses the value of “self-education” and why Bob Dylan is the William Shakespeare of our time.

Read on to hear what else Michael has to say.  Michael Levine: Imaged Focused

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The Twinkie Diet?

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 16, 2010

The South Beach Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, the Zone Diet…the Twinkie diet?

Yep, it’s true and the even more bizarre truth behind this diet is that it was created by A NUTRITION PROFESSOR!  Mark Haub set out to prove that how much you eat is more important than what you eat in terms of weight loss so he designed what he calls “the convenience store diet” based on Little Debbies, Doritos, Oreos, sugary cereals and yep, Twinkies.  He feels that it is “unrealistic” to believe that most Americans will be willing and able to trade their convenience store items for fresh fruits and vegetables so he wanted to show that you could still lose weight basically, I have to say it, eating CRAP.

And in 8 weeks he did, he went from a BMI of 28.8 which categorized him as obese to a BMI of 24. 9. More importantly, his LDL, HDL and triglycerides counts all improved leaving him to believe that this diet could be healthy for everyone.

Here are the challenges that he somehow failed to consider, shocking though it is that a nutrition professor could miss these.

1.       This was a short term fix – what about the long term ramifications of a diet that is low in essential fatty acids, vitamins, mineral and antioxidants, fiber and high quality protein.  This could put someone at risk for a variety of diseases including osteoporosis and cancer.

2.       He failed to check the change in body fat.  If he lost weight but didn’t change his overall body composition then  he didn’t get healthier and he is setting himself up for rebound weight gain.

3.       He failed to consider biochemical and genetic individuality.  Sure, he temporarily improved but what about someone who had a genetic predisposition to elevated blood sugar and cholesterol and the genotype that called out for a low carbohydrate diet.  It is unlikely that they would see the same benefits.

4.       He admitted that he overate on healthy food previously.   Too much healthy food is unhealthy so to compare his blood lipids based on overeating to now when he is undereating isn’t a fair comparison.  You would have to keep calories neutral to take the impact of weight loss out of the equation to really see the effect. Most likely if he had followed the same calorie diet but with healthier options he would have seen an even bigger improvement in his blood lipids.

5.       Finally, I find it almost hopeless that a nutrition professor feels that it is unrealistic for people to stop eating convenience foods and eat fruits and vegetables. Honestly, if he feels that way he is in the wrong profession.

I just pray the American public is smarter than this professor and shame on him for putting this information out there as it is inevitable that there will be people going on this diet.  This would not be the legacy I would want to leave from career.

JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFI

Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Co-star, TLC’s Freaky Eaters

Author, Six Weeks to Sleeveless & Sexy

President, National Assoc. of Nutrition Professionals


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Captain save a show

Posted by Levine Communications Office on November 16, 2010

With the competition for ratings becoming stiffer than ever, actors are taking to the web (and the streets) to save their shows.  Check out this article from The Detroit News on how struggling shows use social media to wage effective PR campaigns or as a last-ditch effort to avoid cancellation.

TV shows in trouble make their case on social networking sites, on the road

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