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Medium Helping People Connect to Their Healing Abilities

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 7, 2013


CALGARY — Helping people connect to God and develop their own healing abilities is Gail Thackray’s passion.

And the world-renowned spiritual educator and medium is in Calgary this weekend to deliver her message during the Body Soul & Spirit Expo.

“I believe we can all do that,” says Thackray, a spiritual healer, about people’s ability to connect with the other side.

“We can manifest things in our lives. We can change our lives. We can heal the many problems that we have in our lives and everybody can do this. And so really my mission is to help people to open up and realize that they have a lot more power over their lives than they think they do.”

The Expo is taking place in the Big Four Building at Stampede Park. It runs until Sunday. Thackray, author of several metaphysical books, will be speaking Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night’s session is Manifesting Abundance Workshop, Saturday it is Spiritual Journeys — Mediumship & Healing Demonstration, John of God, and Sunday it is Become a Medium & Healing Channel Workshop. John of God is a well-known healer in Brazil.

For more information about the Expo, visit http://www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com.

Thackray, who is originally from England but now makes Los Angeles home, has a mission to help people experience alignment with the Divine Source (God) and to bring this powerful energy into their own lives.

She teaches Reiki, mediumship and animal communication and other ways to develop people’s psychic senses.

Thackray is also the host of the documentary series “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys,” interviewing spiritual leaders and experiencing places of supernatural significance. Travelling the world, Gail leads groups to see John of God in Brazil as well as other spiritual adventures.

“Definitely people are becoming more spiritual,” says Thackray. “We are connected to a higher supreme being. When things are more difficult in our lives, people start looking within and saying ‘the things outside are not working anymore. How can I help myself?’ And I think when people do get more connected themselves and with their spirituality, they can find solutions to many of our problems.

“I think all illnesses that we have, whether it’s emotional or whether it’s physical, is kind of a negative that is attracted around us and we can actually heal ourselves. And many people do this with faith. They just pray to God or Jesus or whatever they believe. And you know that works.”

But most people find it difficult to believe.

“I do believe there’s kind of an invisible spiritual world out there and we can get help and that everything we have in our lives, whether it’s physical ailments or whether it’s financial stress or some emotional problem we have, basically it’s just energy and things we’ve attracted around ourselves. We can combat. We can dissolve that,” she says

Read more: Calgary Herald

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Gail Thackray: Animal communicator, psychic medium, Reiki healer

Posted by Levine Communications Office on April 5, 2013

By: Rose Hayes


I recently spoke with Gail Thackray, a psychic medium and animal communicator who teaches others how to communicate with animals and has written a book, “How to Talk to Your Pets: Animal Communication for Dogs, Cats, & Other Critters.” She said we all have the ability to communicate with animals.

“I actually became a medium first, meaning talking with people on the other side. I had no idea I could do this; I was about 40 when I suddenly discovered I could speak to spirits — it was really a shock to me,” Thackray said. “I thought, well, if i can do this, everybody can do this. It’s really easy. We have these intutions all the time, we just block them, we don’t realize.”

After she had been speaking with spirits for a few months, she visited a crystal shop, where a woman was speaking about animal communication. Some people had brought photographs of their pets for a reading. One of the women in the audience handed Thackray a photo of a dog.

“I was immediately transformed into the body of this dog,” Thackray said. “I can feel my tail wagging and I’m all excited, and I said ‘I’m really good with them; they’ve got two cats. Most dogs are not good with cats, but I’m really good with the cats, except I don’t like them to touch my bone. I took my yellow bone and hid it behind my dog house.’ And the owner said, ‘Wow that’s really strange, we just got two kittens.’”

Another woman handed Thackray a photograph of her cat. “I looked at the picture and I saw right away in front of my eyes, two huge pink slippers with little balls on the end. And they’re going round and round in front of my face and I’m all excited watching them.”

Thackray asked the woman if she has a pair of pink slippers with fluffy balls on them, and the woman agreed that she does have such slippers, and she wears them while working out on her exercise bike in the morning. Her cat watches her while she exercises.

“I thought, this is really strange; how did I do this?,” Thackray said. “It felt very much like mediumship, how I connect with Spirit. So I realized that, somehow, when you open this channel — you know, I had done Reiki healing and I think that’s what started me out — I think once you open up, there is another world out there. You realize that there’s all kinds of things to tap into, and one of them is to be able to communicate with animals.”

Thackray now teaches others how to do this, and said they’re often communicating pretty well within a weekend. “I find that we’re all already doing this with animals,” she said. “Most people say they can tell when their pets want to go outside or when they want a treat. But they don’t realize that our animals are listening to everything we say. They hear everything. We just kind of, every now and then, get a glimpse of what they’re thinking.

“It’s about taking the time. I do exercises with my students because I find that most of the time they have it, they just block it. And a lot of time they think they make it up.”

Read more at York Blog

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Gail Thackray Talks to Pagan Pages About Current and Past Projects

Posted by Levine Communications Office on March 4, 2013

By Michele BurkeGail-Thackray-PaganPages

We at Pagan Pages have been so greatly blessed to have the opportunity and immense pleasure of interviewing Author, Reiki healer, Animal communicator, Teacher, International speaker, and host of a documentary series entitled “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journey”, and “Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God. It is our hope that you the dedicated readers of Pagan Pages will not only enjoy the following interview but take something away from this that will spiritually aid all of your for the rest of your days.


Interview with Gail Thackray

Pagan Pages: I know the first question everyone asks you is where are you from?
Gail Thackray: From England, the North of England, Yorkshire but I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a long time now so that somehow makes my accent sound Australian!

PP: When and why did you begin writing?

GT: When I went to visit John of God, the Brazilian healer, the experience was so incredible and it changed my life so much; I knew I had to share this story.
PP: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

GT: Hah! I still don’t consider myself a writer! When….

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Gail Thackray – Favorite Psychic Medium Finalist

Posted by Levine Communications Office on February 27, 2013

By: Phylameana lila Desy


Spiritual Educator – Medium

Gail Thackray is among the five finalists for the Favorite Psychic Medium Award in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Go to voting poll to Cast Your Vote for Gail

What a reader says about Gail..

~Gail is a powerful spiritual healer, educator, and medium. She has written many books on mediumship and has held many conferences to naturally heal the sick and spread positive energy. She is having an event with John of God in Toronto to help people reach alignment & share spiritually.

Gail says:

I am a medium, that is I can get messages from the other-side but I believe we are all mediums. I was completely “normal” until I was 40 when I woke up and suddenly became psychic. I thought “If I can do this everyone can!” I realized there is a whole invisible world out there helping us and if we become more in synch our life flows much more easily, doors open for us and we can start living our dreams. My dream is to show others this too!

This wasn’t something that I was expecting or seeking but when I suddenly became connected to the spirit world it changed my life drastically. Absolutely for the better! Perhaps financially as a business woman I use to make more money but when I decided to follow this path the world just opened up for me and I feel so much more fulfilled. I love to share this with people and my goal is to be able to direct people and help them to open up too. I do not believe that people should have to keep going to someone for readings and healings, I believe in empowering people because everyone can do this.

Gail’s response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

We all go through difficult times. We all have our “stuff.” But more and more I have come to realize that everything in our life we have brought to us and we can just as easily dissolve it. I have realized that we are much more in control of our lives. We are not here to go through some kind of difficult lessons, we are here to experience joy. And we are not alone, we have spiritual help, if we only ask.

Gails’s message to our readers:

I am so honored to be nominated by your readers. People can only recognize in me what they already have in themselves and so I am grateful most of all because I know this has touched someone’s heart. Thank you to those of you that nominated me, for taking the time to do so and may many blessings come your way.

Gail can be reached at:

Web Site: www.GailThackray.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gail.thackray
Twitter: @GailThackray

Find more at About.com

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Ron Bard talks Bin Laden, Schools, “cat-sized” rats, and life after 2012

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 20, 2010

Spiritual advisor and Psychic to the Stars, Ron Bard (www.ronbard.com), has just released his predictions regarding what with befall unto Earth in the coming years. From Bin Laden, to Japan, to country-wide dress codes, Bard has a prediction for everything.

Bard predicts that the “allusive and infamous” Bin Laden will be located within a year and the truth will surface as to why he has not been caught at this time. Bard believes “it will become evident that Bin Laden was involved in one of  the the greatest and [most] methodically orchestrated ‘conspiracies’  in global history.”‘

Ron has some things to say about the fate of U.S. Schools as well. Mr Bard believes that vulnerability in our schools will become a “focal point”.  He believes that “our children are at great risk of being victimized by major upheaval at the K-12 level involving fire and explosions”. He believes this prediction to be true for “public schools in large metropolitan areas”

When it comes to New York City, Ron Bard doesn’t have good news. Bard believes that due to major destruction with the transit and/or underground infrastructure in the big apple, a frenzy of rats-leading to serious public health and safety issues will emerge. Rob predicts that these rats will grow to “cat-sized” proportions and will be responsible for inflicting “serious bodily injuries”. He notes that “children are especially at risk of attack” and this will “cause major hysteria throughout NY…”

Bard for-sees big changes in France. He states “France creates a near civil war episode within their own country involving dress code issues among the Muslim inhabitants. The dress code enforcement will be used as a covert tactic to reduce the Muslim population in France”.

Regarding the economy in the U.S. Bard anticipates “America’s economy will seem to have worsened, but in reality, there is new covert platforms to build. History will repeat itself with a strong movement to adopt old traditional family values and entrepreneurship”. He envisions American’s  “tak[ing] pride once again, and starting to buy things they have been deprived of during our current economic times”.

Celebrity psychic, Ron Bard

Ron Bard is confident that 2012 will not be the end of the world, but “you can expect a major wake-up call that will require people to take extreme measures to protect themselves and loved ones from the harsh effects of our plight. The end of the world predictions have derived from the Mayan culture and many Hollywood Films.”

What do you think the Earth has in store for us in the coming years?

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The Reality of Exorcisms

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 30, 2010

If you ask psychic and spiritual adviser Ron Bard, real-life exorcisms aren’t too far from those depicted in movies like The Exorcist and newly released film, The Last Exorcism.

From: The Last Exorcism

In an August 29th article with The New York Daily News regarding the similarities between a movie exorcism and a real-life exorcism, Ron Bard noted, “The first ‘Exorcist’ movie with Linda Blair is actually not too far from the truth” … “The head-spinning is a little much,” adds Bard. “But I’ve seen a lot of the things that are characteristic of (spirit) possession”. In the article Mr. Bard goes on to tell the story of the first time he accompanied his mother, former psychic, Yolana Bard to do an exorcism at the home of a famous Hollywood socialite:

“As soon as I walked in, all of a sudden she was speaking in tongues – in this case, fluent German – and she was saying, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” recalls Bard.

“Lines started appearing on her hands and she was bleeding. And her body had become jaundiced and twisted, like she had cerebral palsy.”

Bard Continues:  “My first exorcism still scares the crap out of me”. “Spirits could get really violent, and when you’ve got someone who can whup your a–, it’s scary.”

The scene Bard describes sounds as if it could have been torn straight from the pages of Hollywood terror flick, instead it is one of many exorcisms  Ron has attended and assisted in.

Ron Bard is a celebrity psychic and spiritual adviser from New York who is now living in Los Angeles, please visit Ron’s website here. And follow him on Twitter @RonnieBard.

For the rest of the New York Daily News article, From reel to real; ‘The Last Exorcism’ depicts real-life religious ritual, says psychic by Robert Dominguez please click here.

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From Homeless Teen to Hollywood Psychic

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 23, 2010

How many people have worked along A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt, powerful international CEOs, and been featured in Forbes Magazine? Not many, LCO client Ron Bard is however, one such person.

Ron Bard triumphed adversity by going from a homeless 15-year-old to a revered and respected spiritual adviser and psychic. As the only psychic ever to be featured in Forbes Magazine, Bard has made a name for himself as a trusted psychic to more than just the Hollywood elite.

Click here to check out the Forbes feature on Ron Bard.

Bard is known for using his gift to help locate lost children, and even worked with detectives on the Unabomber case. Ron is often called upon in complex cases for his reliable and trusted spiritual guidance and psychic gifts.

Mr. Bard also has extensive experience in book production, media, negotiation, and distribution

Click here (Mr. Bard’s interview begins at 37:00) to listen to Ron on Blog Talk Radio discussing everything from reuniting with his estranged mother in Germany to working with Brad Pitt.

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