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Ron Bard talks Bin Laden, Schools, “cat-sized” rats, and life after 2012

Posted by Levine Communications Office on September 20, 2010

Spiritual advisor and Psychic to the Stars, Ron Bard (www.ronbard.com), has just released his predictions regarding what with befall unto Earth in the coming years. From Bin Laden, to Japan, to country-wide dress codes, Bard has a prediction for everything.

Bard predicts that the “allusive and infamous” Bin Laden will be located within a year and the truth will surface as to why he has not been caught at this time. Bard believes “it will become evident that Bin Laden was involved in one of  the the greatest and [most] methodically orchestrated ‘conspiracies’  in global history.”‘

Ron has some things to say about the fate of U.S. Schools as well. Mr Bard believes that vulnerability in our schools will become a “focal point”.  He believes that “our children are at great risk of being victimized by major upheaval at the K-12 level involving fire and explosions”. He believes this prediction to be true for “public schools in large metropolitan areas”

When it comes to New York City, Ron Bard doesn’t have good news. Bard believes that due to major destruction with the transit and/or underground infrastructure in the big apple, a frenzy of rats-leading to serious public health and safety issues will emerge. Rob predicts that these rats will grow to “cat-sized” proportions and will be responsible for inflicting “serious bodily injuries”. He notes that “children are especially at risk of attack” and this will “cause major hysteria throughout NY…”

Bard for-sees big changes in France. He states “France creates a near civil war episode within their own country involving dress code issues among the Muslim inhabitants. The dress code enforcement will be used as a covert tactic to reduce the Muslim population in France”.

Regarding the economy in the U.S. Bard anticipates “America’s economy will seem to have worsened, but in reality, there is new covert platforms to build. History will repeat itself with a strong movement to adopt old traditional family values and entrepreneurship”. He envisions American’s  “tak[ing] pride once again, and starting to buy things they have been deprived of during our current economic times”.

Celebrity psychic, Ron Bard

Ron Bard is confident that 2012 will not be the end of the world, but “you can expect a major wake-up call that will require people to take extreme measures to protect themselves and loved ones from the harsh effects of our plight. The end of the world predictions have derived from the Mayan culture and many Hollywood Films.”

What do you think the Earth has in store for us in the coming years?

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From Homeless Teen to Hollywood Psychic

Posted by Levine Communications Office on August 23, 2010

How many people have worked along A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt, powerful international CEOs, and been featured in Forbes Magazine? Not many, LCO client Ron Bard is however, one such person.

Ron Bard triumphed adversity by going from a homeless 15-year-old to a revered and respected spiritual adviser and psychic. As the only psychic ever to be featured in Forbes Magazine, Bard has made a name for himself as a trusted psychic to more than just the Hollywood elite.

Click here to check out the Forbes feature on Ron Bard.

Bard is known for using his gift to help locate lost children, and even worked with detectives on the Unabomber case. Ron is often called upon in complex cases for his reliable and trusted spiritual guidance and psychic gifts.

Mr. Bard also has extensive experience in book production, media, negotiation, and distribution

Click here (Mr. Bard’s interview begins at 37:00) to listen to Ron on Blog Talk Radio discussing everything from reuniting with his estranged mother in Germany to working with Brad Pitt.

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