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  • December 2012
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Important Traveler Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs.

Posted by Levine Communications Office on December 17, 2012


By: Katie Kelly Bell

My job requires its fair share of travel which brings its share of concerns: crashing planes, terrorist attacks, illness, but the biggest worry that pulls at me?  Bringing home bed bugs.

Most of us have heard a story or two about how ferociously difficult it is to rid your home of bed bugs, but what you may not realize is how obscenely easy it is to bring them home from your travels. Small and clever, they tuck into seams and nooks on your luggage with ease. Bed bugs aren’t just showing up in hotel rooms, they’re lurking in rental cars, taxis, and in some cases, the airport baggage claim area.

Find out how to avoid bringing bed bugs home here:/ www.forbes.com

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