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  • October 2010
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Repairing Broken Business

Posted by Levine Communications Office on October 19, 2010

founder, Michael Levine, is the author of Broken Windows, Broken Business, a book offering practical advice and  tips for repairing the broken aspects of a business. The book, which has been noted as “inspired, impactful, and important” can aid anyone who values a strong business foundation, or who just needs help fixing some of its cracks.

The book-almost a textbook of how to fix the hiccups that occur in the running of a business outlines different steps to creating and repairing a successful business.


Note this excerpt from Chapter One of Broken Windows, Broken Business regarding perception vs Reality:

  • It is your customer’s perception of your business that will dictate his or her level of loyalty to your business. Make one mistake, and you can damage that perception.
  • Little things mean a lot. If you notice that the carpet on your floor at your dentist’s office is a little worn, you might find yourself wondering whether the dental instruments have been replaced lately.
  • Broken windows are best repaired before they break.
  • It’s the cover-up that gets you-don’t make excuses for broken windows or deny that they’re broken. take your hit, own up to the problem, and fix it.
  • Obsession to detail is essential. There is no substitute.


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