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  • January 2013
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Carroll & Co. In The Colorado Gazette Talks About White After Labor Day

Posted by Levine Communications Office on January 28, 2013

ImageWritten by Stephanie Earls
Photo by Vitaly Valua

“Whether you plan outfits a week in advance or pluck them serendipitously from the floor on your way to the door, you’ve likely heard the adage about not wearing white after Labor Day.

Maybe it’s because in white you don’t stand out in the snow, but if that’s the rationale, then you’d think safety orange would be more of a seasonal hit.

And, really, why white? Why not pick on a truly malicious shade, such as puce? No puce-ing before April Fools or after Arbor Day — and clean up after yourself if you do.”

Read the full article at Colorado Springs Gazette 

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